1. H


    Hi all i currently have a honda civic ej9 and am only 18 which is probably too young to get insured on a s15 spec R so I thort id create an account so that I could pick up ideas and knowledge of the S15 so when it comes to buying one I will have knowledge of them cheers
  2. M

    S15 Owner new to the forum :D

    Hello everyone! My name is Brendon, I'm from New Zealand and I drive a 1999 Nissan s15! My silvia is currently an SR20De 5 speed manual, which hopefully soon will either become a SR20De+T or a SR20DET from an S15. I'm here to soak up all the knowledge here on offer :D
  3. S

    Car Mapping

    I should be getting my car back today, the latest by Monday. Since I had the head skimmed and a new head gasket put on (not sure if it's smaller or larger than the old one), it would be a good idea to get my car remapped. I have an Apexi Power Fc, so essentially I could map it myself, but with...
  4. C

    Hello from Scotland

    Hi everyone, I'm Chris, I live in Edinburgh and currently drive a 2003 Celica VVTi (140 model) Not got an S15 yet but I have my heart, eyes and wallet set on one as the next car. Came across the forum on the "useful link" thread and have read the whole lot. will be sure to ask you guys any...
  5. ali619

    S15 Spec R

    Hello guys, I currently own an EG6 but in the near future I hope to own a Spec R S15, are there any common problems associated with these cars? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to enhance my knowledge of these cars :)
  6. naha_music

    Blow through MAF setup?

    Do any of you have any experience or knowledge with the 'blow through MAF' setup?
  7. P

    Hello from the island of borneo

    hello, Registered me, myself and I as a fan of the S15, and to be owner in a month time.....Using this forum is really sharpening my knowledge of the car and the contributors are needle on the haystack anymore....later all.. :cool:
  8. rudd-o

    Another Oil Leak

    Today i noticed this oil leak .. seems to be from gasket.. Here are some pictures of it .. for anyone who wants to share his knowledge
  9. P

    hi all

    hi folks, my name is pj, from ireland, have an s15 spec r , joined to gain knowledge, and give info on the best jap drift car there is.
  10. H

    Hello people

    I am just looking into getting an S15. I currently have an EVO 8, but I am looking to get back into some RWD motoring. So I found this place and I am sure that it will be a good source of knowledge. Once again, hello to all of ya:wave:
  11. R

    hi im new

    hi guys my names ross, im a 22 year old engineer from essex, I dont own an s14 i actually have an s14a but i am looking to do the front conversion at some point so signed up for knowledge, parts and to meet some new people. I am also on sxoc and driftworks so might have spoke to a couple of...
  12. N

    Hi all! From Singapore!

    Hi guys, I am From Singapore. Glad to be in this Forum. Own a Pure White S15 too. Hope to share more knowledge on Silvia with you guys! Cheers :D