1. N

    Fitting aftermarket boost gauge

    How have people fitted their 60mm boost gauges in the stock a pillar pod? Ive filed away the tabs inside the pod but it's still about 1cm away from the edge. I cant leave it at that either cuz the gauge can move about. Any help would be appreciated :)
  2. FaberNZ.blaaack-S15

    power fc or link g4?

    Just wondering what's better too say the least i love the power fc because of the controller but is a link g4 better not sure if i should upgrade or just leave it
  3. M

    WTB: 2 way diff in good condition

    As title pm me or leave a reply here. Thanks
  4. O

    new frenchie

    hello my name is sebastien i'am french and i leave in marne la vallée (france) :wave:
  5. ichi-go

    Adjustable Rear Camber Arms

    Hey guys, I'm sure you guys had fitted one of these. I'm gonna tackle mine soon so a couple of questions before I start. When you put it in, how do you set it? As in do I need to leave any thread for the alignment? A - This should be the locking nut so that the thread doesnt move around...
  6. G

    FS: Gers 2001 Spec S pearl

    Gers 2001 Spec S pearl**new lower price** i cant believe im doing this but im going travelling later on in the year so need to sell my soul!! what im planning on doing is selling it, use half the money towards my travelling and use the other half to get something like a non turbo 180SX i dont...
  7. mint

    Mints question thread

    lol, well i figured id have a heap of stuff to ask about etc so yeah.. em.. 1. What the hell is that little 'cheese grater' looking thing to the left of the steering wheel, next to the pocket? 2. I have no boost gauge... where could i get a pillar pod thing for it? 3. Does all s15's seem...
  8. japmadlad

    Gearbox oil

    I've got a box for the S15 and will hopefully have it fitted by next week.:nod: Just wondering which gearbox oil you would recommend using in the box as I've heard certain oils leave the box very noisy. Also what amount of oil do I need to get for the box? thanks
  9. A

    Boost gauge

    Hey all, I am finally getting an exhaust (Turbo back with a new cat) put onto my car this Friday. Now my question is.... do I need a boost gauge to check that boost is alright... or am I able to leave it be? I don't plan on doing any other engine mods for ages.
  10. LuPix_S15

    How long before I can 'Rock & Roll'...

    One of the things I've always done with cars that I've owned is to try and make sure the oil is warmed up before I boot it. I will get some Defi's fitted in future (oil temp + water temp) but until then, I wanted to get an idea of how long people leave it before they think it's safe to put...
  11. sushiming

    Apexi Power FC

    hey guys iam looking to get a power fc soon as i have a frd going to japan so he will get it for me but i need to know which one is the right one to get as i know there is a standard one or the D-JETRO does anyone know the difference between these two?? can anyone help me on this please thanks...