1. C

    FS: 2x sets of wheels

    hi guys im selling 2 sets of wheels to make some room in the garage first ones are Enkei selbach's 16" never seen another set for sale and have been told they are rare, these were on the car from japan and are in great condition all tyres are legal, no idea what these are worth so open to...
  2. JaseYpk

    Aero Bonnet Catches - few Q's

    Ok, so i noticed today a hairline mark, not a crack yet, but the carbon weave in my bonnet starting to seperate around where my OEM bonnet catch is. So i need to fix this problem asap with some aero catches. 1) Are they road legal? 2) is it road legal to remove the factory bonnet catch and...
  3. D

    My First Car!!

    Hey everyone, I'm probably the luckiest guy I recieved an Autech :p for my first car, ill upload some photos later, I live in Sydney and am looking to nicely mod my car so if anyone has any p plate legal suggestions give me a heads up. cheers
  4. L

    FS: R34 GTR wheels and tyres, 18x9, et30

    Good afternoon! Here we have for sale are my R34 GTR wheels complete with 245/40/18 bridgestone potenza S-03's. Center caps were changed by the previous owner to nismo and he also sprayed them a purple/blue colour. Only some minor scuffs which are hardly noticeable. 18x9 ET30 5x114.3 Tyres...
  5. N

    FS: 6x Volk racing F zero challenge wheels 2x 18'' 8.5j et35 & 4x 17'' 7j et30

    VERY rare genuine jdm light weight forged rims from rays engineering cost near £500 each without tyres when new!! 17'' defo need a refurb there chrome with black, 2 have good legal tyres on. 18s are good condition and are silver and blue they have good legal tyres too. All with there center...
  6. R

    Project Drift

    I am wanting to make my car into a road legal drift car. I want all the mods and parts a drift car would have only keep all interior in place. I would also like a roll cage. If anyone could help explain how much i can do befor it make it NOT road legal. :thumbs:
  7. S

    WTB: wanted: s15 to bring to the states

    I'd prefer a legal one in the USA, but if the price is right to ship it in I can have the legal things done to it.
  8. Larsz

    Hey, new here

    Hi everyone, Been hanging around for a few months now since i got the "crazy" dream of driving an S15 spec-r. Cant really remember where i got it from, but pretty darn sure i want one :D Though here in NL there are 4 registerd S15's as far as i know, and just 2 road legal. My idea is to get...
  9. Yakozan

    Converting HID to regular Halogen headlights

    Have a small problem here in Sweden because the stock HID lights for the S15 isn't legal. They would need auto level adjustment and water spray to be legal. So I have to convert them (temporary) to regular Halogen lights. So what I need to do is bypass the ballast for the HID so I don't blow...
  10. R-Spec

    Whats allowed on the road in your country?

    Really interested to know whats it like around the world for others? My perception in the UK is that - if you can afford the insurance and its passes an MOT (which a race car with mirrors, lights etc, normally can) then your legal. I understand Germany is getting better nowadays. What are...
  11. S

    Question for you S15 owners....

    Why is the s15 not "allowed" stateside? I know there are some here, but i hear the arent street legal. Any reasons? Thanks Adam
  12. U

    Whats Up?

    My name is Travis and i live in North Carolina. I have been into imports for a while and i am trying my hardest to get a s15. I had an AWD Eclipse and sold it. I am looking for something that not everyone on the street has. If anyone can help me out with some leads on where i can go and look for...