1. W

    Greddy Profec B Spec 2 - Overboosting???

    Hi guys, recently had my Gredd Profec B 2 Boost Controler installed on my S15, I had a mechanic punch in the settings and I set the limit to 12 PSI, When i take it for a good fang on the straight, it overboosts to 13 - 14 psi??? whys that? I set the limit to 12 PSI for a reason... what could...
  2. LuPix_S15

    Bee*R Limiter

    Ok I've been reading up on this recently... I'd like a limiter kit that I can install and slightly drop the rev limit on drift days etc. Is this possible since I don't have stock ECU and instead have Apexi PFC with it's own rev limit set? Will the Bee*R unit allow me to drop the rev limit...
  3. A

    speed limit

    Do anyone knows if you can cut a wire so you don't have any speed limit, Sorry for my bad English but I hope you understand, I know that on the skyline you can cut a wire.
  4. lvaleiron

    Tuned ecu?

    Happy New Year too all S15 club members!!! So, i was driving the other day in my local track and i realize that my car passed the 180kph limit, i got a little bit farther than 200kph. This means that my ecu came with some goodies from japan, the only thing is that when i opened it, it looked...
  5. C

    Open Event: Bedford Autodrome £134.10 28th Nov - SXOC winter blast - loads of run off

    See this link for details.. Only £134.10 (if we get 1 more person to join) for a full days open pit lane at Bedford Autodrome, next SATURDAY 28th Nov. Perfect place to learn the limits of your car as theres nothing to hit! 101db static...
  6. S

    Any S15's from Au and NZ here?

    I read that the S15 came out oficcialy in Australia and New zealand as a 200sx s15 with for example no 180km speed limit. Can someone check how long the chassi number is? is it as short as the JDM?
  7. seilow

    hks sld

    hi there someone know how to fit the hks speed limit defecner ?
  8. J

    Standard Injector Limit

    Just bought an s14a and it is supposed to have the injectors uprated to the standard s15 injectors, but what is the power limit of the s15 injectors and what do they look like so i know if they have been fitted? i recently checked the plugs and they are pure white so she is under fueling
  9. A

    Can I use a Apexi rsm to remove the Speed limit?

    Hey! Can I remove the speed limit with Apexi Rsm? have some others here done it? I'm going to import a s15 from japan and there they have the speed limit at 180km/t, something i want to remove ;) Here is the link for the product.
  10. J

    A good tuner up North?

    Looking for someone who can set up my profec B boost controller for me, possibly on a roller but dont know who to trust. I have already fitted it myself and initially sat up but I feel the car can give a lot more, but I dont really want to push to the limit without knowing if is running lean or...