1. JDM_virgin

    R34 GTST front brake banjo bolts

    Will be fitting above brake setup to the silvia this weekend and I want to buy new banjo bolts. I have braided lines from HEL for s15 fitment and Im guessing as the R34 caliper is essentially the same as the S15 ones (apart from being spaced further out and made of aluminium) but i cant find...
  2. S

    FS: complete fuel system - Border rail fuel rail, Sard 850cc injectors, Sard FPR + lines

    As per title, selling my complete engine bay fuel system including Border racing fuel rail for Black top SR20 and Sard 850cc injectors, Sard FPR and fuel lines as I'm going down a different route. looks like this one (couple of post down): fuel rail install for sr20det - Rail is...
  3. NICKO

    Fuel Lines

    Has anyone on here run new braided fuel lines? just got a few questions about it really :nod: 1. what do you use to secure the lines to the underside of the car? 2. what route do you take to the top of the tank? 3. what size lines? 4. what do you use to fix the braided lines to the tank cap...
  4. G

    R33 gts brakes

    Hi guys, anyone got 33 gts calipers on the front of their 15. If so what brake lines do you have to use? Thanks
  5. V

    Turbo coolant leak

    Hi, There had been a minor coolant leak from the car and after looking to find it we realised it was one of the solid coolant lines feeding the turbo (the ones that run under the manifold heat shield). I know it'll be a hassle to replace it with another stock pipe so I'm looking at braided ones...
  6. NICKO

    WTB: brake line grommets

    I need the Brake line grommets off the k sport brake lines :nod:
  7. M

    Z33 Brembo conversion brake lines

    Hi guys, I know this question may be asked before, I only need to know if need other brake lines for the Z33 Brembo conversion ? I already have braided brake lines on my S15 but do I need others to fit the Z33 ? and if so anybody got a link ? Thanks, Frank.
  8. R

    FS: !999 S15 Spec R Pewter Grey

    Right unfortunately after a short time owning the s15 i'm sadly having to sell up due to circumstances at home i need to free up the cash tied up in the car :( right time for the details. Its a 1999 spec r with the bb turbo, it was imported by torque gt in december 2012 for a customer who didnt...
  9. lvaleiron

    Turbo water lines - are they really needed?

    A big YES to this one. I've heard all kind of stories around this, and most of the people i know says that is OK to run without it, but for personal experience i can say this will lower the life expectenacy of your turbo, and this is increased when running high boost... Anyway, i'm sending a...
  10. Damos15

    Fuel Cell and Lines

    Hey everyone. I'm in some need of advise. I have purchased a Aeroflow 55L fuel cell and am needing to run some AN8 lines from the back to the motor. My motor is not in as its away being built and the fuel cell isn't in as yet either. But before i send my car back to the metal fab guy, i wanted...
  11. fez06

    braided brake lines

    will s14 braided brake lines fit s15 part number is SNN0203-4P I cant seem to find where it says they,ll fit both. some have come up cheap and need to know wether they'll fit cheers
  12. dave_t

    Rear Z32 to S15 Brake Lines (Conversion Lines) - Who sells them?

    Converting the rear brakes on the S15 to run the Z32 setup, and need the conversion brake lines. who sells them in the UK?
  13. S

    Driftworks R32 GTR Braided Brake Lines

    I just ordered a set of these for my R32 GTR brake conversion for my S15. These should be a straight bolt on right? I haven't heard back from DW yet. Has anyone purchased these that can confirm this for me? Anyone have a pic of them, apparently the pic on the site isn't of the actual lines...
  14. S

    FS: HEL Braided Brake Lines

    I got these when I purchased my R32 GTR brakes. I decided to go with some braided lines from Driftworks. Nothing wrong with these lines to my knowledge. I'm only selling these because the seller forgot to include the adapter to fit the lines to the rear calipers. I have a pair of the adapters...
  15. S

    FS: S15 Front calipers, disks, pads and brake lines

    As above i have a set of 4 pot front calipers, disks, pads and lines off my S15. Only selling due to upgrading to a bigger wilwood kit. Comes with nearly new pads with looooads of life in them and grooved disks, again with plenty of life. unfortunatly the only pici currently have is this but...
  16. S15_SAM

    FS: 2001 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 8 valve club, A/C, electrics MOT and TAX £300

    Any one interested in a cheap runabout, it's a one owner car, just got traded in at work! It's done 160,000 miles but runs and sounds good! MOT til February 2013 (had new brake lines last year) tax end of january It comes in faded red, with proper red bumpers! Lol. Its not mint but for...
  17. Jay-pan

    WTB: Urgent! Braided water and oil lines turbo.

    As above has anyone close to Shropshire or who can post for next day that has braided oil and water lines lying around? Thanks
  18. justin666

    Part Number: Coolant Temp sensor

    Hey.. Just a quick one hopefully, Anyone have a the part number for the coolant temp sensor for a 99 spec R? Think it starts along the lines of 22630-????? Ta muchly J.
  19. Ghost

    Air in cooling system

    as the title says i am getting air it the coolant, i can hear it bubbling when i turn off the engine. when having a look tonight we noticed it only started about 10 seconds after turning off the engine. the turbo lines have been replaced a few months ago because one of the water lines burst and...
  20. Jay-pan

    What FPR and fittings.

    Going to be adding a Fuel pressure regulator soon just wondering if people could suggest a good FPR? Also What fittings(size) and extras will i need? looking to upgrade all the fuel lines to braided in the engine bay? and if anyone has a diagram to show where the fuel lines are located in the...