1. FreakensNL

    Need some help with my GT28RS 0.86.. slow to come on boost

    Could you have a boost leak in the cylinder head?
  2. Parky

    Japfest 2014 S15OC photos

    Didn't get loads of photos and they were on my phone so they're not the best but here you go, add any others (the ones your mrs. took Joe?)
  3. paddyb01

    C pillar brace for a s15?

    seen loads for 14s with them, any one seen one in a s15?
  4. Krish

    What headlight bulbs do you use?

    Looking to change bulbs as mine seem dim. It's the non hid version. So H1's I believe. Seen these piaa night techs There are loads of others out there but not too sure which are rated highly. So... What you all using?
  5. S

    Hi. One more from Somerset.

    Just a quick hello, i bought James15's old car so i gather most know all about it. Here's a quick stolen photo from the add.. I have loads of plans for it and it seems i have been working on it every day since getting it, its now getting there but there's still loads to do to it for me to be...
  6. D

    FS: Advan AVS 6 spoke 17" wheels

    Got six of these pics and sizes etc below. All in good condition, only one mark between all of them. All the offsets and tyres are a bit muddled up, but you can get a matching set of 17x8 front and 17x9 rear. 255's on the rearts and brand new, 225's for the front have loads of tread, but have...
  7. D

    S14a/S15 engine loom differences

    In the near future I will be transplanting my APT built SR into my new S15. I know the coil packs are different, does that mean I need to swap the rocker cover as well? Are there any other things that need to be swapped. If there's loads would it be easier to just install the S14a loom as...
  8. R-Spec

    Camber arms or not camber arms!!

    So I just skimped and bought some camber arms (that can go with track arms I got a while ago) and having got under the car and reminded myself what it looks like....they're going to be "Camber and loads of toe in" arms aren't they?!!?!? (without the other top arms to sort it out):mad: Trades...
  9. sliding-r

    Loads of random S15 pics, might take a while : )

  10. Larsz

    Axle Load Information

    Well as topic says it. The dutch DVLA is being an amazing PITA about me not having an document or w/e on the axle loads of my S15. And them being PITA, means i need to have an official nissan paper, or maintance book or SOMETHING that says nissan on it, wich states the max axle load etc. I...
  11. C

    Newbie clocking in!

    Hi guys, thought i'd say a quick hello! Decided on an s15 for my next car so i need to do abit of research on here on some saving!! Already seen loads of great info from here :D including the links in the stickied section for newbies when buying a s15.
  12. J

    Need your help guys....

    Ok its official... I'm fed up of not having an s15 and am getting more depressed each day i dont have one... So for a laugh, post up some things that i could do to get LOADS OF MONEY :D All ideas welcome... even prostitution is an option. and no im not selling my mother :p I wouldn't get...
  13. T

    Hello...My New Silvia S15 Spec-R...

    Hi, Im TonyS15 previously known on the SXOC as anthony200, I had a Red S13 for a year which i sold on through the owners club and now joined this S15OC. Anyway after a year away from SXOC, i finally saved enough money to buy myself a new one but of the Silvia Variety.....:sxoc: I have been...
  14. slammedmind

    500bhp s15

    Did have my heart set on this for a while but the cost was just too much in the end! nice example with loads of power!!! http://www18.ocn.ne.jp/~mamiana/nissan-s15silvia-kts-photos.html