1. A

    WTB: positive battery terminal cap

    seem to have lost mine!
  2. Fruitbooter

    Has anyone ever replaced a cv boot on an S15?

    Just wondered how hard it was? or is it easier to buy a second hand shaft and swap it? My boot split last year but I fixed it up with a puncture repair kit and lots of glue and tape :D ...has been fine for over a year but has split again and has lost too much grease now so dont want to risk...
  3. NICKO

    pewter S15 M4 Bridgend

    Spotted an S15 today on the M4 past me at sarn services, had white wheels and full aero, tried to follow and keep up but lost you at cardiff gate lol was in a yellow hewden transit
  4. D

    CS2 suspension question

    Hi guys, I just bought this: Is there any fitting guide for that? I know it may be a hell of a job but I have a mechanic who accepted to do this - but I need a bit of assurance in case he will get lost with all of those parts. Will be greatful for any help, Greg.
  5. S15RKM

    Help Lost my interest in my car

    Over the last few weeks i have lost all interest in the S15 i dont know why if I dont recover it soon then I am gonna sell it, I neva thought i would say that but its happening.:confused: What can I do????
  6. C


    I've lost some fuses for the ABS in the main box, does anyone know if they are they the same on the s14? Does anyone know where i can get them from? thanks andy
  7. D

    and wheels

    Cheers lads Thanks for that on the BOV and induction just gunna price some now The car is like a pearl white, spec R 2ltr soon as i pick it up i'll post some pics Checked your thread on wheels and boy i'm lost now, not that simple is it was gunna put 18's on, standard suspension, not...
  8. Yakozan

    S15 sale price (new) in JP, Aus and NZ?

    What was the retail prices of the S15 in Japan, Australia and New Zeeland? Would be fun to know how much (if any) the S15 has lost in value from new. Please state what trim level and year with the price :thumbs:
  9. Nicely

    Grass mowed Nicely...

    Before someone else posts it, I thought I'd get in first and show a classic photo of me at Castle Combe on Saturday (Japfest). Yes, I was moving! Had big pad fade coming up to the turn-in at Camp on that lap. So much so that I thought I wasn't going slow enough (probably was though). Think...