1. SX2002


    Hooray, worked at last...anyway, here is my S15. Australian delivered Spec S. I bought it new in August 2002 as a retirement present to myself...apart from minor exhaust and induction mods it's stock...goes quick enough for me as it is...still love driving it after all these years and just...
  2. E

    Pewter and Matt black S15 in Shirley

    I'm sure the owners on here I just can't remember his username. I would love to know the spec of it.
  3. S

    Engine/Exhaust Sound

    Hi all, I am getting pretty serious about buying a JDM car and would love an S15 above all else currently. One concern I have of late after watching hundreds of youtube vids and visiting forums etc is the SR20DET engine and exhaust sound. Sound is a massive factor with me when choosing a car...
  4. FreakensNL

    S14 catback

    Will this fit? I know the tips of normal s14 cat-backs are 4 cm longer at tge tip bit fit perfectly at all rubbers But is there a clearance difference anywhere? Would love this twin tip sticking out the back and the extra cm's will look awesome...
  5. tooley

    silver S15 S15DFT ?? Worcester Wednesday

    Was on a work driving course and was behind you for a bit in a range rover. Looks sweet! love the plate.
  6. Misiek_lbn

    blue Spec R on M25

    good looking, great sound, needs more low, but still love it:thumbs:
  7. sibbers

    WTB: Quiet 3" cat back exhaust

    Would love something to replace my loud bean can exhaust... no idea what it is and some people love it, but for me it's just too loud when driving normally and it makes my rattly doors sound like maracas! Loads of S14 exhaust seem to pop up, but hearing they are a bit longer so thought Id' post...
  8. sibbers

    Hello from Greater Twickenham (Feltham, but shhhh) :)

    Alright chaps, Recent new s15 owner! Just bought one a couple of weeks back from Vinnie on these boards, car needs a bit of love but it stuck a smile on my face the moment I saw it. I used to own a fair few s13s and 14s but never really imagined I'd be able to an s15 which I first fell in love...
  9. Jay-pan

    Widebody S15...

    Where are they all?!? Looking to get another S15 or a supercharged DC5 (miss my old S15) if anyone has one for sale or know someone who would be interested in selling one let me know. The black BN one that got sold a while back I would love! Were loads around when I had my old s15 now none...
  10. L

    New owner of a spec r s15, west midlands area.

    Hello everybody, Ive had my s15 since April and bought it off a lad who is also a member on here, Havnt drove it much, (spent way more time detailing it than driving it) Fell in love with the car and cant wait to make it my own by upgrading a few things here and there, I hope this is the place...
  11. J


    Hi, I'm Jake, I'm from the Stratford upon Avon area. Unfortunately I don't own a s15 at this moment in time, but I shall be investing if everything work wise goes as planned. Just wanted to sign up to here, get to know everyone and ask silly questions! I never knew about the S15's till about 2...
  12. A

    New spec r owner from devon

    Hey im anthony i bought my car a few weeks agos and loving every second behind the wheel. Just wanted to say a quick hello. I also wondered if anyone on here is planning a stand at japfest as id love to tag along. Hopefully if its dry the weekend ill take some pictures and get them up thanks
  13. B

    Russia with Love

    Hi, My name is Serge I'm from Moscow, here's my Silvia
  14. S

    moved from my sx to a silvia

    Hi all Decided to make the jump to a s15 been a avid sx owner for 9 years but have decided it's time to change. Going to be breaking my s14 :'( but so happy to be back in as body as my s14 been of the road more than on. Hopefully the bad luck will go now. Here's my new love
  15. J

    Detailing Jem - BMW M5 goodness! - Just a few pictures from Saturday

    Just a few pictures if Saturday's detail, I have to confess I LOVE these!!!!
  16. BannisteR

    '99 Spec R Gaijin content!

    Hello S15oc, I'm Andrew. I recently got stationed out here in beautiful Japan. I'm new to the S-chassis, I've built a few Honda's of which I still have one. I decided to try a new platform and one I couldn't have access to in the US. So what better than a S15! So far I love this car, its a...
  17. M

    My first nissan silvia S15 JDM market! :D hope you like

    hey guys! new to the club! live on south coast NSW but in sydney and canberra often, wannna do cruises and track days with you lot names Chris and just thought id show off my new pride and joy let me know what you think! some Mods are Drift BOV (unsure how to make it stop the fluttering...
  18. Auss15

    Highlands Park MotorSport track New Zealand

    This looks like a really good race track they have built in Cromwell in the South Island of NZ. Hope some of our Kiwi brothers can give us a track report if they get a chance to drive it, Id love to give it a go...
  19. fez06

    Open Event: Japfest 2 Donington Park

    Is sxoc or S15oc having a stand at this? Would love to go and would be nice to show car.
  20. B

    KoniChiwA ;)

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum. So just wanted to say hi (in true Japanese style... even though i'm not Japanese) and to introduce myself... I have had my S15 for about 2 years now and thought it was about time I joined a forum and met some other people who share the love of them too :)...