1. I

    FS: back lights

    heyy guys, i would like to buys s15 back lights, which are good to go in eu. with eu markings.
  2. M

    S15 Standard Clutch Fan Correct Facing Direction?

    Howdy, Does anyone know how to check whether my clutch fan has been installed properly? Which way do the fans face? Are there any markings on the fan to tell you which way it should be installed? I cant see the any markings on them as I currently have the fan shroud on which blocks my view a...
  3. V

    ECU identification

    ECU identification *Updated with photo* Hi guys, I need to see if my car has got a standard or aftermarket ECU. Is there an easy way to tell by looking at it in the cage? E.g colour differences, codes, markings? I've undone the screw and taken the connector off but was none the wiser at that...
  4. 70YSR

    HELP! camshaft cover order

    My old sr20det out of my s15 was being rebuilt and the exhaust camshaft covers got moved out of order... is there any way to work out the order from the markings? Obviously the fat one to the rear and i think i know the front one... the markings are: fat one... 1-5 the one i think is the...
  5. Nicely

    Continent driving and headlights

    Here's a good one. Who knows how to mask S15 headlights so they conform to Continental driving regulations? All headlight which have undergone Euro Type Approval have markings to show where to mask. However, ours haven't got Type Approval and have no markings...