1. dave_t

    FS: Tailored S15 Specific - JDM Checkered Mats - Black/Red

    Item for Sale: Tailored S15 Specific JDM Checkered Mats - Black/Red Description: I bought these last year for my S15 from Rhdjapan. Full set of Front & Rear Mats, the fit is spot on - better fitting than the OEM mats i thought. They look incredible fitted! that JDM touch to finish off your...
  2. M

    WTB: Floor mats wanted

    After a good condition pair of mats, or somewhere to buy new. Seen some on eBay but they're not the right shape. Just need the front pair.
  3. F

    floor mats

    I'm looking for a set of checkered karo floor mats but having difficulty translating the Japanese karo page. Was wondering if anyone knew of an English friendly place or a uk supplier or even somewhere that does the same style floor mats.
  4. J

    WTB: Floor mats

    Hi, Anyone got any decent Silvia floor mats? I have only got some unbranded pretty boring ones, just want to give it a extra touch :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Cess

    Two types of floor mats - what's it all about?

    This is a minor, minor thing. But there are two sets of S15 floor mats available for the S15. These: And these: Any reason behind the differences? Is it different specifications?
  6. N

    WTB: WTB OEM floor mats

    Looking to buy OEM front and rear mats for my spec R, Located in Canada but I will pay all shipping and paypal fees! thanks!
  7. CMR

    FS: H-Dev Stage 1A S15 Spec R ECU & Spec R OEM Floor Mats

    H-Dev Stage 1A S15 Spec R ECU for Sale This daughter board was fitted and mapped by Jez @ Horsham Developments. It is the rare S15 equivalent of the popular S14 ECU chip and is a direct swap for any Manual Spec R. With supporting mods, it is basically a plug and play 300+ BHP ECU, that removes...
  8. D

    WTB: Interior filter/ pollen filter & floor mats

    Does anyone has an address to purchase a pollen filter? Mine hasn't been replaced since it got from the factory so it's pretty worn out.. I contacted my local Nissan dealer and they said they could order one for me but at cost of €175,- which seemed a bit expensive to me.. So I was wondering if...
  9. dudley97

    WTB: wnated s15 floor mats

    has anyone got a set of s15 floor mats for sale???
  10. dudley97

    WTB: Wanted set of s15 mats

    Has any got a set of s15 mats originals please?
  11. R

    FS: Spec-R floor mates & sun visors

    Will get some pics over weekend mats x4 £50 + post visors £30 + post
  12. shark79

    FS: Nismo s15 mats

    selling off my pre-owned (discontinued) nismo mats in good condition, AUD490 will need to check on postage Thank you will email pics
  13. T

    car mats

    Don't know if this is the proper place to put this . They are doing a group buy on the sxoc for car mats and I asked if they could do a set for my s15 with maybe the spec R logo ( apparently im the only person to ask with a s15 ?) anyway the more people that want them the better chance there is...
  14. J

    S15 standard mats

    Listing with no reserve Thanks
  15. J

    FS: S15 Silvia floor mats

    I'm selling a set of my s15 floor mats as I have a set of mats in my s15 already ok condition not mint offers around £45 if p+p required this will be extra these mats are the Silvia ones with silver stripes
  16. K

    WTB: S15 floor mats

    LOOKING FOR A MINT SET OR BRAND NEW SET OF THESE PM ME $T2eC16FHJGQE9noMZJ)nBQB+JfhW2w~~60_3 by d_2jzgte, on Flickr
  17. C

    FS: OEM Nissan S15 floor mats

    I have a full set of floor mats here which I bought from Dean a while ago but didn't use. They are in remarkably good condition, only the drivers one has the slightest sign of wear but it's nothing at all. With a wash the pile would probably pick back up fully anyway. Don't want them hanging...
  18. J

    WTB: Karo checkered floor mats (have standard Silvia mats to PX)

    Looking for some checkered floor mats, preferably Karo ones. Not too fussed on colour, anything considered. I also have my standard Silvia mats to swap/PX Cheers
  19. S

    FS: KAROism Car Mats for sale

    Hi. I have a pair of front blue & black chequered KAROism mats for sale. These are propper JDM mats. They are in very good condition, with only a worn areaon the drivers mat, as can be seen in the picture. Come with instructions LOL and mat securing mount. Not my cup of tea to be honest, but...
  20. C

    New mats

    Hey guys does anyone know where i can get a nice new set of mats for my S15? Mine are starting to look a bit tatty. Cheers:thumbs: