1. DeanS15

    What are they worth???

    I've got a few buts lying around and one is a set of jdm genuine silvia mats in the black and red fleck pattern with the badges etc and they are pretty much mint, very good quality mats. Anyway I don't know what they're worth and to be honest if they are worth peanuts I'll keep them myself. Any...
  2. Feast Japan

    FS RARE: Autech SPL Option Floor Mats

    Just spotted these used mats. Figured with the rareness factor some of you may be interested. Originally equipped on Autech Silvia Spec S models. Price estimated at 23,000-24,000 JPY with postage. Exchange: PM if interested. IMG's:
  3. S

    WTB: set of s15 floor mats!!

    as title states, if anyone has a set of s15 car mats they dont want, please let me know!!! thanks
  4. Curryzz

    Where can i get myself some nice floor mats for my S15

    Hellooooo, I have been driving around now with crappy floor mats for far to long, i want some nice quality floor mats, any ideas lads?:) Paul
  5. B

    WTB: need some car mats..............

    looking for a set of s15 car mats, need to be reasonably new. If anyone has any, please PM me Thanks :)
  6. I

    WTB: Wanted Nismo floor mats S15

    relay want a set of S15 nismo mats
  7. sands

    WTB: front floor mats

    looking for a pair of oem front floor mats to match the rear one in the photo if anyone has good set let me know thanks
  8. B

    BOOSTED's s15

    here's a couple of quick pics I took it's totally stock, doesn't even have floor mats atm lol I'll put up more pics later :D
  9. DeanS15

    interior mats

    does anyone know where i can get some good quality interior tailored mats for my specr r? maybe with silvia or spec r logos on them? the ones i have at the moment do the job but are in the typical 80's tracksuit pattern seen in a lot of jap interiors:)
  10. S

    Floor mats

    Someone was asking about Nissan floor mats.....I can't remeber the thread. I just bought a new set last week here in Adelaide, $80AUD They differ slightly from the original ones I had when the car was new, the logo was on the side. This is the latest version. Includes the hole for the non-slip...
  11. J

    S15/Club Merchendise

    As per the subject heading... is there any? or any plans for any? I had to buy boring mats and a tax disc holder in Halfrauds at the weekend :( Would have LOVED to have proper S15 branded mats etc. Anyway, was just a thought. Club stickers? any of those still available?