1. R

    WTB: Aero Bumper and rear pods

    Hey Guys, I know, i know but i am afer an oem bumper with fog light everything and some oem rear pods, colour of both doesnt matter, scratches doesnt matter just shouldnt have cracks
  2. C

    WTB: Aero rear spats

    As above. FRP ones are fine! If they're TV3 blue then that's a bonus but otherwise the paint doesn't matter as they'll be repainted anyway. Thanks
  3. A

    Spark plug gap

    Ive bought some NGK BKR7EIX & it says the gap is 0.6mm, the Nissan service book says 0.9mm, does this matter too much or should I gap it up? I already have a set of these in my car, had no problems & I know the gap grows as the plugs wear but would it run better or anything with the recommended...
  4. Recky

    Hey Guys from Australia!

    Hi guys, bought my S15 in October last year with 115,000km on it. Relatively stock apart from a turbo back 3 inch exhaust, K&N panel filter and body wise some 18x8 generic brand wheels and a spoiler. As like most people I've got some pretty big plans for it, it's just a matter of funds haha. At...
  5. D

    WTB: Driver side mirror glass

    Looking for the mirror glass on the driver side. Since i understand these are impossible to get hold on, i'm looking for the mirror itself. Really doesn't matter if it can fold or not, it's only regarding the glass. Thanks Sonny
  6. M

    WTB: Boot, any condition.

    Don't want to ruin my smooth boot when I fit my ducktail so I'm looking for a spare.Doesn't matter about colour or holes as it will be redone before fitting anyway.
  7. billy_t15

    WTB: S15 front wings

    After some S15 Stock front wings! Colour doesnt matter, no rust tho!!
  8. S

    WTB: Standard s15 front wings

    As title says I'm after a set of stock s15 wings, colour doesn't matter Let me know what you've got thanks Ryan
  9. N80Jamie

    'Which Car' Dilemma..

    So i sold my S15 a couple of months ago now and i am living with regret everyday! It was Kim's old S15 and was immaculate; to be replaced with a BMW 320D M sport. The reason for this is because i live in Telford (Midlands) but i'm based with the Navy down on Air Station Culdrose (Cornwall). I've...
  10. B

    WTB: OEM S15 boot lid.

    As above, with or without holes for the OEM spoiler. doesnt matter. regards, Nigel.
  11. JaseYpk

    Rear Wiper Won't Turn Off!

    Hellppp! No matter what position the stalk is in, the rear wiper remains on full cycle. I'm fully aware that it is 'probably' something shorting out, but the question is where? The motor assembly you see in the video looks brand new, and i've had a fiddle with that and all appears to be fine...
  12. JaseYpk

    Brake Discs - Servicing Info?

    Bonjour! I've never had to change my brake discs, and i think the time is due. I've been told they need changing when a lip starts to appear on the edge. this is now happening. I've got R33 (non brembo) brakes at the moment, and just after any old disc that works. doesnt have to be anything...
  13. Marcus

    Front brake discs... I need answer

    I cleaned and painted my front brakes and I'm now putting those together again. Well I didn't mark which one of my discs are left and right.. So does it matter after all? They are both in good condition. Other one got mark "K1" and other one "K3" on them inner side... Can this help? Thanks!!
  14. sparks

    s15 cat?

    I have my nct next week so pulled the decat out and put back in my original cat back in only thing is i have installed it backwards. Does the drection of the cat matter cant see any markings on it. picture shows correct way
  15. A

    WTB: S15 Silvia

    Hi guys, I want to buy a body shell or an S15 in bad condition. With or without engine, dosen't matter Scratched or dents dosen't matter either. Help me out here guys. Cheers
  16. W

    WTB: pair of standard front wings!

    as above! colour does not matter but do want a straight set!
  17. lvaleiron

    WTB: Pair of std front wings

    I'm looking for a pair of front wings in good conditions, color won't matter, but prefererable to be pewter grey.
  18. S

    WTB: adj camber arms

    really want some rear adjustable camber arms for my s15, any brand doesn't matter too much Thanks Sam
  19. Roots82

    FS: Rear Boot Lip

    I've decided to change my rear boot lip for a different style, Is anyone interested in this one? It was originally from a BMW, cant remember if it was a 3 or 5 series. They are practically the same though so it dosen't matter much :rotfl: It would probably fit straight on to another pearl...
  20. naha_music

    WTB: looking for a oem shift knob

    does anyone got an extra stock shift knob (the one with the lighting bolt on top) they would like to sell? condition doesn't matter...