1. K

    I'm finally in the gang!

    Hi :wave: I've been after an S15 for over a year and have finally joined the club. Got myself a lovely standard type S in red (the exact colour I was after.) My story is ... I hail from the North East of England. In 2006 I went to live in Japan for 3 years, hung around with some drift folk who...
  2. rudd-o

    Gearbox leak ??

    Today i moved my car and i saw a big black oil spot in the floor under the gearbox. Does this means that my gearbox needs to be replaced ?
  3. K

    No spark :/

    For a couple of days ago when i was going too work my car didnt start. Ive tried alot of diffrent things, ive change ECU, Coil packs and spark pluggs. And if i try too get some fault codes from the consult port i just get code 55. 55 - Normal engine management system operation is indicated –...
  4. D

    Vrt In Ireland.

    I take ye know after next week s15s and all jap imports the vrt is going up so i take it few fresh imports will be sold which means ours will hold there value well. Corect me if im wrong!!! :rotfl:
  5. R-Spec

    WTB: 17" wheels

    HI Gents, I'm still after a half decent set of 17s as a spare set for the 15. I was going to use a standard set as they're everywhere but that means I can't share the tyres and as tyres are the issue I need the 17s. Not really fused what they are but would prefer to see them first.