1. JDM_virgin

    FS: Cheap skid wheels and tyres- stock s15 rims+ yokos

    Had these sitting in my garage for about 3 years thinking that one day I may need them, but never have and now I have brakes that wont fit under them so getting rid. immaculate rims and the tyres are pretty much brand new, all tread depths are 6mm. tyres are Yokohama 205/60/16. thought they...
  2. M


    hey all any one know the width of our s15s wing mirror to wing mirror. i cant be arsed to go and measure the car.
  3. P

    WTB: OE front suspension castor arms

    I want some of these because my car came with cusco adjustable ones and I don't know what length they should be set to to achieve stock castor! As castor is fairly difficult to measure even with a castor guage I reckon it would be simpler to just bolt in some standard ones.
  4. J0R04N

    Number plate dimensions????

    After the number plate dimensions for the rear? Looking at ordering some gel plates and i havent got the car so that i can measure them :mad:
  5. K

    dashboard air vents question

    hey im new in this forum and i have a S13.5 so im doing some dashboard work on mine and would like to swap the air vents too can someone measure this for me. are the vents the same size as the 350Z ones?
  6. Yakozan

    S15 stock boost gauge, why 2 boost measure units?

    Just looked closer on the S15 boost gauge. Why does it seem to have vacuum in "mmhg" and boost in "Kg/cm2"? Why not just stick to one measuring unit or is it a industrial standard of some sort to measure vacuum in mmgh?
  7. J

    FS: Boost Gauge

    Yeah yeah, I know... you all have boost gauges! And anyone with any serious dosh will go Defi without hesitation... but this is up for sale anyway :D Blitz Carbon Face Boost Gauge. 60mm I think, but I'll remember to measure it at some point :) Looks exactly like this... It's worth as...