1. A

    Help with my aero bumper.

    Hi, I got this aero bumper but I want to get rid of the fog lamps & put mesh in, I figured I might have a go to try & save money instead of letting a garage sort it out, whats the best way to get rid of the fog lamp parts & how do you fix mesh in? , the bumpers been in a smash so it has a few...
  2. Jordan

    WTB: Aero bumper plastic fog light mesh WITH NO FOG LIGHT HOLES

    Terribly described but basically I have had to lose the fog lights due to FMIC pipe work and need replacement black mesh plate thingys which don't have the hole in them for the fog light.... anyone got a pair? :wack:
  3. JaseYpk

    Do FMICs get serious stone damage?

    ive got a question about fmics in general - would it not be beneficial to have some mesh in front of it to prevent stone damage? i mean if a stone put a hole in it there would be pressure loss.. or is this just me over reacting? i dont have n fmic so dont know how strong they are against...
  4. E

    S15 Aero Mesh Cover

    Hi Does anyone know the part number (or even selling) the mesh cover for the aero s15 front bar which doesn't have the holes for the fog lights.. just like the one in this pic...
  5. D

    some quick new ones...

    ...of mine, i will eventually get round to creating a spec thread! lol! and.... The FMIC with the OEM mesh, cause the last picture added was straight after fitting! :)
  6. J

    Meshing front bumper

    Just need your opinions - I'm using simple black-plastic mesh to mesh my front bumper (no FMIC for me, got a ?300 vets bill yesterday :( ) How would you fix the mesh to the bumper? My plan at the moment is to use no-nails on the back of the bumper where it's not visible. I've done this before...