1. T

    WTB: Spec-R Spats and boot spoiler

    looking for some stock spec r spats and boot spoiler, either with 3 legs or middle leg removed is fine
  2. John-

    FS: Free stuff

    Awaiting the arrival of my RX7, I need to free up some garage space. Standard exhaust system - Downpipe, cat back, good condition. Silenced decat - GONE! BM44 Middle front undertray section Sorry its nothing more interesting! Parts are in Royston, collection only
  3. D

    S15 Spec-R from Germany

    Hi everyone, As mentioned in my introduction here's my Spec-R Current specs and general informations as followed : Grade 4 Silvia Spec-R 101.000kms on the clock 3 inch catback exhaust ending in two separate mufflers some random jdm 16inch alloys Blitz SUS induction kit momo steering wheel...
  4. A

    Number plates

    Im getting my aero bumper sorted out & need a smaller plate as the one I have hangs down a fair way & would cover the fmic a bit (its also cracked anyway) cause I will have to mount it in the middle of the aero bumper. I see small number plates on a lot of your cars, whats the best size to get...
  5. T

    Ditching air bags.

    Planning on ditching passanger airbag as it weighs a tonne, and as i have harnesses wouldn't be much good. Drivers airbag has already gone in place of a deep dish steering wheel. Question is, I could just connect a resistor capacitor jobby into the circuit to trick it into thing the air bag...
  6. LuPix_S15

    SMALL but WORTHY modifications??

    Hi guys, I've come across a few things for sale on DB Power that I've not seen before and wondered if these are worth the money? Ok it's not expensive items but as a principle (apart from asthetic stuff), I'm not in the habit of modding for modding's sake lol... I wanna make sure these...
  7. S

    new boy from ireland

    well everyone im stephen from ireland,i drive a s14,in the middle of turning it into a s14.5:wave:
  8. F

    Bang and all was quiet

    :( Well thats blown it, I was racing yesterday when the pipe to the boost controler came off so max boost and no fuel cut. Melted 2 plugs and munched some valves just in the middle of getting the head off to see the damage and start saving. Oh the joy of motor sport
  9. S

    Which way does the oil come out and in?

    Does oil come out of the middle hole from the block? Does my diagram right for the oil cooler?
  10. C

    FS: bride parts

    I have a bride cushion set for one seat only in black and gray style. These are replacement cushions in Gradation Fabric that are located in the middle of the seat. 60 pounds delivered. PM me your email for pictures. thanks
  11. G

    S15 rear spoiler

    hey lads, just sourcing S15s at the moment and nearly all the spec s s15s in japan dont come with the 3 forked spoiler with the brake light in the middle. are these hard to get if it isnt already stuck to the boot?! it finishes off the car nicely
  12. E

    Pictures of my guages ready for installation.

    Thought I'd include these as I think they match the car fairly well. ignore the wierd brightness on the middle guage - the LED isn't in the back properly. What do you guys think???