1. Mike

    Open Event: Jae 2013

    We going to this? I don't know how many we need or anything but lets do a list, everyone likes lists. 1. Mike (ep3) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. Joe_S15

    Joe's S15 Spec R

    Hi Guys, I've been meaning to start one of these for a while now and just haven't got round to it, so here goes! I've wanted an S15 since i first saw one at Japfest when i was 16, and at the old age of 20 i started looking for one. I knew i wanted one with the full aero kit and after a year of...
  3. S15_SAM

    2 in Frome area! White (mike) and a Grey one

    Well my mrs phoned me on the way home and said she got flashed by a white S15 in frome!Now mike....you can't go flashing my mrs.... ;) I'm assuming its you mike? She was in a white supra. Also she then phones again and said she spotted a grey one too but he didn't flash her!
  4. S

    Decat come mot?

    Hi. Just de-catted my Silv, and wondered if I could gamble mot-ing it with this fitted? Anyone put their car through a test and passed, or should I not be so lazy and just swap it when the time comes? :) thanks mike
  5. LuPix_S15

    My Stagea - New Rims + Photoshoot Pics

    Hola :wave: As some of you guys will know and Mike has already seen in the flesh, decided the R34 GTR rims which came with the Stagea are not 'agressive' looking enough on such a big boat lol... so... after long consideration I decided to sell the GTR alloys (thanks Mike!) and go for a set of...
  6. S

    Which battery?

    Hi. I know this sort of thread has been posted in the past, but just wanted to double check with other members. My battery has finally died, so I'm looking for a replacement. It never had much oomph ever since I got the car, and has recently let me down on a couple of occasions. Mike at...
  7. T

    WTB: Std Exhaust - Cat Back

    Required for IVA testing. I had one somewhere but it seems to have gone walkabout! Let me know what you have and I can arrange payment/collection. Cheers, Mike @ Torque GT
  8. Mike

    Hi everyone,

    Hello everybody, Im Mike from Somerset, UK, I'm in the market for a S15 soonish, always fancied one, loves the lines of the car, not to mention being a big fan of anything JDM, and with the exclusivity you get with the Silvia I think the S15 is for me. Ive read most of the buying guides and FAQ...
  9. S

    Japfest 2010

    Hi all. Many of you going to japfest this year, 15th May? Is there going to be an S15OC stand there this year? Hoping to go, so long as I've got my 15 by then! Lol Mike
  10. F

    WTB: Wtb: S15 afm...

    Looking for an S15 afm with the plug and possibly the intake pipe. let me know what you've got and how much shipped to the U.S. thanks in advance, -mike blazerred98@aol.com
  11. O

    S14/S15 Suspension Question

    Hey guys, I have an odd-ball question here. Does anyone know if the REAR spindle is the same between the S14 and S15? Thanks, Mike
  12. LuPix_S15

    S15 coming my way!

    I've finally got the ball rolling... After much though and some good advice from Nicely, I decided to kick my arse in gear and make some phone calls to Torque GT. I was initially going down the route of getting Torque to import a vehicle for me but then I kept looking at this blue beauty that...
  13. D

    StreetRacingMania / KingofEurope 2007

    StreetRacingMania / KingofEurope 2007 Hello, Our new website is online with all informations about our 2007 events and much much more! http://www.streetracingmania.com Mike
  14. D

    Mike from StreetRacingMania

    Hello guys, We are the happy owner of the WiseSports S15, some of you have seen the car in Silverstone this year, a bit damaged by Hiraoka :cry: Car is up and running again, here is some pictures from a demo done in Sweden by Samuel Hubinette this summer Cheers, Mike