1. S

    ID on these side mirrors?

    anyone know what these side mirrors are with the indicators? Pictured below
  2. dave_t

    WTB: S15 Ganador Mirrors

    I'm after a set of S15 GENUINE Ganador door Mirrors. pm me if you have some :thumbs: example pic:
  3. Tom VWJ

    FS: OEM Wing Mirrors White

  4. G

    FS: Supermade style spoiler & Ganador style door mirrors

    Selling these parts due to want something different. Condition of both overall good. Buyer pays PayPal fees. Looking for £100 + post for the spoiler or px for rear aero spoiler Mirrors £120 + post pm if you're interested, thanks Thanks pm or email me gary_lee888@yahoo.com
  5. Tommy Kaira

    Today's addition!

    Thought you might like to see some pics of my sexy new mirrors.
  6. Tom VWJ

    WTB: OEM wing mirrors WANTED (both sides)

    Looking for some OEM S15 wing mirrors (both sides) preferably in pearl white but not critical.

    WTB: Spec R wing mirrors

    Wanted to buy or swap. Must be working with all wires ready to use I have these if anyone wants them to swap
  8. S

    FS: Ganador super electric mirrors

    Decided to revert back to stock mirrors so i have the Ganador super mirrors avalible for sale, these are excellent bits of kits and are fully electric adjustable and fit in the stock harness.. the mirrors are in good condition but will need painting !! all glass it in good condition. they are...
  9. S

    WTB: Pair of wing mirrors (cash or i have a pair of gandor electric mirrors to trade)

    i am after a pair of wings mirrors, ideally in pearl white (WKO) but not fussed, they must be in good working order etc. i have a pair of gandor original electric mirrors to trade :) or i have cash waiting cheers Sam
  10. M

    s14 mirrors onto an s15

    this has probably been discussed before but i cant find it, was wondering if mirrors for an s14 would fit an s15 as i have the opportunity to buy a set of ganadors cheap, cheers
  11. H

    FS: Pearl White S15 Folding mirrors

    as above, initially wanted the internal mechanism to repair one of my mirrors on my 14a...typically they are totally different:rolleyes: i bought them from one of your members on here a few weeks ago for £65 Delivered, that's all i want for them
  12. S

    Electric Mirrors not Working

    Hey guys i think ive blown a fuse for the side mirrors. Can someone please tell me which fuse is the one for the side mirrors. Thanks :)
  13. LuPix_S15

    GT Race Mirrors - Did My Own Version :)

    Hey guys :) Thought I'd share with you my latest mod which I'm rather proud of lol... Recently I've been really wanting a set of GT race style mirrors and the only company that seemed to do a proper kit for the S15 is CraftSquare. They are very propular and pretty much every Silvia...
  14. LuPix_S15

    Racing Mirrors

    Hola :) Does anyone know of a brand or where to get racing style mirrors for the S15 that doesn't cost the best part of £330 before shipping like the ones by Craft Square??!! :wack: http://www.nengun.com/craft-square/touring-competition-mirror I know the CS ones look high quality and loads...
  15. B

    folding side mirrors

    Hi guys just wondering if the side mirrors are meant to automatically fold in and out when you turn off and on the ignition?? i can press the button to get them to fold in and out but was under the impression if you put the switch in the middle it may do it automatically?
  16. A

    My s15 spec-r

    Here's a photo and some specs on my s15 its pretty standard red leather retrimmed interior bodykit front mount intercooler bov apexi electronic boost controller 20 inch wheels ganador side mirrors turbo back exhaust aftermarket tail lights k&n pod filter apexi gauges
  17. mint

    Folding Mirrors

    Couldnt find anything on it.. Over the last few months i have noticed my driver one has been slower than the pass side. This morning i went to unfold them to find the driver one didnt budge >.<' It was bloody cold outside and i had to push it. This happened to anyone else? Pressuming its...
  18. A

    Climate control and mirrors

    I was wondering how hard it would be to convert a non climate controlled s15 to one with climate control. Any one know? Also... does any one know whaqt is involved in changing mirrors to electrically foldable ones?