1. JDM_virgin


    i have a sneaky suspicion my car is over fueling or something else is a miss but how can i accurately tell? I have a serious amount of black soot/**** on my rear bumper to the point that I'm having to polish it every 100 or so miles of driving. It was bad when I had the CAT but now its a lot...
  2. Adam L

    Poo car

    I saw this plate on an X5 last night while driving on the M4. I thought it was quite funny and got the miss' to take a picture
  3. pegliobaglio

    anyone running a 4.1 diff??

    As the title suggests really,am toying with the idea of swapping my diff for a skyline diff with a 4.1 ratio to get better acceleration as the gearing seems to drag forever in my car 3.9!! Anyone done the swap,any info on it? I know I will lose some top end but really don't think I will miss it...
  4. T

    Open Event: Miss Banzai Tunnel run - 16th oct

    Anyone going to this?
  5. L

    Car misfiring at idle and hesitates while driving

    I have this problem and I'm hoping some of you GURU's can pinpoint it. Just having a hard time figuring out what is wrong with the car, it started miss firing while on idle, sometimes while driving the car feels like there isnt power if i keep at it a constant rev, need to put the foot down and...
  6. DeanS15

    pics of my old car

    i was digging around through my photos and came across these pics of my old car and thought i'd share:D 1995 fto gpx mivec manual miss the noise it made and the look a little, but not looking back:D
  7. F

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia - car coming soon

    Hey guys, thought I should register seeing as I read the forums a lot...I've ordered a JDM S15 for myself and it should be here mid January, it did miss the first boat but I've been told that it made the 2nd one :) will post some pics once it gets here! Thanks Ryan
  8. jp

    SXOC (Ireland) Trackday

    Well folks, just in case any of the S15 folks we haven't seen in a while might miss this one I thought I might post up about it here! :) http://www.sxoc.com/vbb/showthread.php?p=3583701 :thumbs:
  9. E

    R34GTT brake replacement

    I'm thinking of replacing the current one with a full one from a R34GTT, both front and back. Are there any comments? What are the exact parts I need? (Just to make sure I don't miss out any). What do you think is a good price for it? (I can do the conversion..)
  10. kimi

    The good n bad things about owning a s15

    Well its been an eventfull week with my s15, Last saturday i was off to have all my new bits fitted and was going to drop my front lip spoiler at the bodyshop in on the way, i'd got plenty of time :D the bodyshop was open till 12midday and i was due at my techy's at 12.30. I jumped in the car...