1. JDM_virgin

    WTB: T28 working or blown

    In need of a T28 not bothered whether is fooked or not. Had agreed a price with someone on SXOC and then he sold it to someone else. I have money waiting.
  2. A

    FS: SSR SP1 18x10.5 genuine JDM GOODNESS

    Hey gang selling last pair as need money for a new bathroom. What can I say about these wheels. One of of the most sought after JDM goodness. Pair only 18x10.5 ET22 Wheels are in almost in excellent condition. Very hard to come by these sizes. 4inch dish on these Collection only looking for 1K...
  3. I


    Edit: Got one sorted. S15 ideally or S14 Alternator wanted, I assume DE or DET will be the same. Used or if someone knows were I can get new for reasonable money let me know Immy
  4. chico656

    New s15, but been posted before on here

    So I decided a while back that I really wanted an s15. Had LOVED them for a while now, but never had the money. Upon looking into purchasing one, I figured originally that I'd look at import garages and then buy one that had been imported, after looking around for a while I couldn't really...
  5. L

    Misfire at constant rpm

    Hi guys, my car has developed a misfire over the last few days, first started doing it in 3rd/4th going around 25-30 but it now does it in all gears where my revs have been sat at a certain for a length of time. I'm gonna pull the plugs to check those out and I've got a old spare set I can put...
  6. Chriscooke

    WTB: Wanted. S15 sun visors and interior lights.

    As title. I'm after both sun visors in black and both interior lights for non rape money if possible :)
  7. N

    FS: exchange pillar s15 with oil pressure against a pillar without gauge! (bargain!!!)

    hi guys,i've this one in great condition and working gauge and i would like to exchange it against a pillar without the gauge (on a spec S i think) no money on the exchange,so i think it will be a bargain for someone!:thumbs: thanks to let me know if interested!
  8. T

    evans waterless coolant

    Noob question first how much water does the 15 take to fill with the oem rad fitted :confused: Next has anyone used this stuff in a sr20 and is it worth the money [cars running 330/bhp at the moment if this makes any difference:confused:
  9. Havoc

    WTB: R25 gearbox

    As above fellow S15oc'ers I need to get my hands on a RB25 gearbox thats not ridiculous money! Many thanks!
  10. S

    My spare headlights are on ebay, HID x3

    As the tittle says, 3x black backround HID's Have a look at item number 231140298909 Will take £650 for them outside of ebay if money is sent as a gift or for cash. Cheers
  11. B

    Nistune on Spec S

    First off I haven't a clue about ECUs so i don't know if it even exists for Spec S. Did a bit of looking online and couldn't find out anything solid. So firstly is there such a thing as Nistune for a spec s NA? Is it worth doing? What power increases etc? Whst kind of money would the set up be?
  12. Chriscooke

    Cheap type r for someone.

    Cheap Spec R for someone. Thought I'd give you guys a heads up as this seems pretty cheap to me. If I had the money i'd view it at the very least :)
  13. John-

    HSD Monopro Vs Dualtech

    Which would be better for a fast road setup? Or is there anything better for the money? Would I need to buy ajustable arms to get the alignment done well? Cheers, John
  14. JDM_virgin

    Free Lance S15 Electrician required in SE

    As per the title, I could really do with some help in trying to sort out my car. thought as ive run out of money to get it painted i should sort out the electrics to get her going again. however tis is proving very difficult as the drivers foot well is a complete mess and even though I think...
  15. B

    How does the s15 drive compared to s14.

    Wondering the above guys I'm saving up at the minute to put money towards my s14 sale to hopefully get a s15 I'm the new year.
  16. L

    WTB: OEM Black Xenon Headlights & Nismo Duckbill Boot Spoiler

    Hi all, Looking for these. need to be in great condition and decent money Thanks Liam
  17. G

    Finally bought one !!!

    been looking for the longest time (3-4 months) saw about 10-12 of them Settled on a 99' Silvia R s15 (JDM) in black like i wanted was after the cleanest one i could find, with low Km's and as I didnt want to waste money modding it so I thought ill take the stronger stock one, so the JDM won...
  18. M

    WTB: S15 headlights

    Need as soon as and have money waiting. Need to be in good condition but not mint
  19. R

    WTB: Stock front bumper (non Aero) + DC2 Lip

    As title please, not rape money either. thanks ;) 07817028470