1. ChrisKnottIns

    Chris Knott's September Special...

    WIN some mods/parts/accessories with Chris Knott Hi, Those who follow Chris Knott's forum activity will know that we regularly offer tempting prizes to reward members who ask us for a quote. This month is no exception as we launch the September Special. Simply ask us for a car quote this...
  2. S

    My S15 in Japanese Car Performance Magazine this month!

    Hey everyone, My new reborn s15 got a magazine feature this month in Japanese performance, also made front cover too! So if you get chance to buy the mag (available in any good supermarket) do so and have a read up on the car and the accident/re shell etcThanks :) Ryan
  3. ChrisKnottIns

    Even lower CK quotes in March it seems

    Hi, I was looking at the figures yesterday and there's good news for members - it appears this month our average premium is £50 less than last month. Definitely give us a call if you're due in the next 30 days to take advantage of this March Madness. Our guys are itching to work their magic...
  4. L

    Help needed please with Stage 1a / Mapping

    Hi all I bought my S15 pretty much stock bar Cat back and filter. Basically my question is if i fit all the parts for stage 1a that i already have (walbro, ebc, elbow, downpipe,decat) and run the car at 1bar without having the car mapped for a month or 2 am i going to have problems on the...
  5. S15AK

    Coming out of Hibernation?

    Hi Guys For those of you that are in the UK and keep the S15 under raps over the crappy winter months, when are you thinking about bringing it out of hibernation? Winter wasn't that bad this year and not much grit was put down, so I'm thinking about getting it back on the road soon, maybe...
  6. oilman

    February Competition

    Hi Folks, New month means new competition and this month we have a PS3 with Gran Turismo 6 and The Last of us worth £240 To be in a chance of winning please click HERE Cheers Oilman
  7. gaz15

    Gareths s15 Spec R

    Hi all :wave: After nearly 6 months of searching for an s15 and loosing many auctions I finally won this 2002 s15 spec r at auction last month Also got my ETA - around the 16th February! So excited, cannot wait to pick it up
  8. crazymat666

    Wind screen Washer motors wanted.

    As the title says I am after the motors for the front and rear windscreens for my mot in a month or so. If anyone could point me out in right direction Il be great full
  9. J

    moving the engine fuse box under the dash?

    yo, rekon this is too much effort for whats it worth? the engine bay is getting stripped, rust treated and painted next month and done know weither its worth getting this done in the mean time to free up some space?
  10. dave_t

    WTB: Aftermarket Turbo Elbow & Downpipe/Frontpipe

    I'm after an Aftermarket Turbo Elbow & Downpipe/Frontpipe to fit, before remapping at the end of the month. must be a good quality make :thumbs:
  11. J

    FS: Thule roof wind deflector!

    brought this to go on my s15 but need to get rid of a few things as im skinto. i brought this only like a month ago bit of a impulse. £60 posted to the uk few pictures:- looks similer to this:-
  12. JaseYpk

    fitting FMIC without Remap?

    Is it a bad idea to fit an FMIC without IMMEDIATELY getting a remap? ie - drive around for a month ( ~800 miles), and THEN get it remapped? cheers
  13. S

    s15 road tax????

    hi people i cant seem to find out anywhere how much the road tax is for the silvia s15 6 month 12 month im sure someone will know on here haha.
  14. N


    Hiya, Im Natalie im from the UK.. friend of Lu Pix.. Im 20 years old! Looking to buy a S15 Spec R. I know im young but i have plenty experience with my rear wheel drive cars. Had 2 Toyota MR2s and a MRS with Celica 190break engine, Caterham R1 and Caterham r500. Seen a few I like.. hoping...
  15. sliding-r

    Which alignment bits do i need?

    As above, will list my spec first so you can get the picture of handling mods so far I have: Apex gen 2 coilies- set quite low, 6/5 Subframme Locking Collars- Ace mod i think and cheap enough;) Whiteline ARBs to go on that I have sourced second hand Cusco F+R Strut braces Im...
  16. C

    Rays Volk formula lug nuts

    Hey guys just another offer from our end for this community. At the end of this month we are shipping some wheels from Rays. We are able to put into the boxes some formula nuts so by this way shipping from the factory is free. Also as an offer you can have the nuts for 170 pounds including...
  17. Hunts15

    pic request:purple s15

    just lookin for an idea on what it might look like as im sending mine in for a resray this month and was thinkin off changing from white :confused:
  18. AllanOrr

    DJ Set's

    Hey guys dont know if this might intrest a few of yous or not but worth a shot, on the EpCivic forum I was on for when I had my Civic I used to post up links to the DJ sets I done every month either that were recorded from gigs or from promo's I done, Have been Dj'ing for about 7-8 years started...
  19. Havoc


    Hello everyone! I have not yet purchased myself a S15 but iv got my eyes on a few Spec R's and are chasing them as we speak. Will probably have one within the next month so thought id sign up and say hello. :wave:
  20. S

    Hello People

    Hey im Steven im from the Kent UK I dnt yet own a s15 but im looking and will hopfully had one soon so if any one selling a Black Spec R With the Aero kit please let me no lol as iv been looking 4 about a month and got no luck... Anyways nice too meet all you guys :thumbs: