1. K

    Temp VIN insurance companies

    Anyone know who will actually insure my car temporarily on VIN/chassis number? Phoned about 20 companies and they all said with insure it for 12 months of they need a Reg. Starting to give me a headache. Anyone any advice?
  2. S

    FS: Apexi AVC-R Boost controller

    Genuine Apexi AVCR boost controller in used condition, Ran this in my Glanza for 3 to 4 years with no issues, has a Greddy solenoid which clicks when ignition is switched on but soon goes away. was working perfect when removed and has been sat in a box for the past 6 months. Looking for about...
  3. F

    How much is 6 months tax?

    How much is 6 months tax need to know to send a check to Dvla when I register car, think it's 129.25 but want to double check, it's a 1999 model
  4. A

    Rear wheel bearing no good after 18 months

    Anyone else had issues with rear wheel bearings, I got my last one from "Camskill" & its got a lot of play in it after 18 months & probably just around 9000 miles, I cant remember what brand it was, anyone know the best one, besides Nissan genuine which is about £190.
  5. B

    Dan's daily driven project

    Hey guys, I've been loitering and posting on here for a short while, thought I'd throw this up. So, my last car: A Honda Civic Type R, FN2. It really was difficult putting her up for sale, she was such a good car and a really reliable car. Unfortunately for the FN2, however, I'm now insurable...
  6. S

    My Pewter Spec R

    Hi guys, Thought I'd start a thread now my cars arrived, since I've been lurking here for a while. It's a 2000 Pewter Spec R, I've purchased through the auctions. If your an Instagram user, check out @mtsgarage. Pretty stock and unmolested, just what I was after. Some pictures from...
  7. S

    New guy from Cornwall with a spec r

    Hi my name is roger and I'm from Cornwall .i have had s13 and s14a but the s15 is so much better to drive .i have had it for 6 months how and loving it every day .it came from Wales and it has some cool mods Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. D

    Japanese Car Club

    Hi everyone, I am currently helping set up a Japanese Car Club called Jap.Club. You can visit the website at Some of you guys are already members but for those who aren't, I'd just like to tell you a little about what we offer. Registration is completely FREE and anyone who...
  9. Sims77

    Lets talk knobs

    I know people have put threads up before, asking where they can get specific gear knobs from but is there a UK supplier that sell JDM gear knobs? I wouldn't mind buying one but all the nice ones from Japan are usually 5MT not 6MT for the Spec R. My other choice would be to get one from Orlando...
  10. S

    Newbie from Southampton

    Hi all, Currently own a '99 spec Toyota Starlet Glanza V. Looking for an S15, probably a Spec S as I don't want to sell the Glanza and can't really afford a Spec R without selling it. Insurance is also a factor haha. Although might wait a few months and save up a little more, we shall see...
  11. bjohnson

    New owner from Canada!

    Hey all, After lurking this place for quite a few months, I'm finally able to post! I just won the bid on this s15 this week, its an auction grade 4 spec-r with 64,000km's. As far as i've been told, it's a one-owner car with a maintenance history, the only mod is a Nismo exhaust. Unfortunately...
  12. Sims77

    FS: Mitsubishi | Evo 8MR FQ-320 | 04/54 | Gun Metal Grey | 64500 | £10850

    2004/54 Evo 8 FQ320 MR #136 64500 miles Tax 31 July 2014 MOT 15 July 2014 Gunmetal Grey Service History North Staffordshire My 2nd Evo; my previous MR which was written off, back in May 2013. Had this car since June 2013. Only done 3500 miles in the past 8 months. Will increase ever so...
  13. J


    Hi, I'm Jake, I'm from the Stratford upon Avon area. Unfortunately I don't own a s15 at this moment in time, but I shall be investing if everything work wise goes as planned. Just wanted to sign up to here, get to know everyone and ask silly questions! I never knew about the S15's till about 2...
  14. S

    My S15 in Japanese Performance Magazine

    Just thought I'd share, my s15 has had a full feature and will be in Japanese Performance Magazine next month (out the 13th of feb) was plenty surprised to get this months issue today and find a massive picture of my car taking up almost a full A4 page advertising next months issue: Just...
  15. H

    nissnl silvia s15 (new member)

    hi, this is my s15 that i just bought a few months ago. this s15 was restored by me.
  16. R

    S15 Massive build Thread

    Well since owning the car she has so far been to get a full acid dip. And now resides with Ashfab undergoing quite a huge amount of preparation to the shell for motorsport...
  17. S

    FS: 2000 black full aero spec R

    For sale is my black spec R aero its a fresh import and in amazing condition, very rare combination in black with the full aero kit completely standard and unmolested any inspection welcome, its a stunning car 2000 model full aero kit 70,000 miles japanese service history 12 months MOT 6...
  18. Fruitbooter

    FS: 2002 Spec R

    Just testing the water with this atm, don't really want it to go but if I get an offer then it may well be for the best. For sale is my 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec R. I bought this car in September 2010 from Torque GT and it has been a pleasure to own for the past 2 years with no faults or...
  19. D

    Hi all!

    Hey all, my name is Dylan. I am a Motorsport engineer, that builds track and drift cars. This is my 1jz powered s14 which I built and drive Excuse how not upto date the...
  20. A

    Spec R Coilpacks

    Finally had enough of buying 2nd hand coilpacks only for them to fail within months. Seen splitfires but they`re a bit pricey. What are my options? Thanks