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Hi everyone,

I am currently helping set up a Japanese Car Club called Jap.Club. You can visit the website at http://jap.club

Some of you guys are already members but for those who aren't, I'd just like to tell you a little about what we offer.

Registration is completely FREE and anyone who joins is welcome to contribute in our forums. We'd love to hear from anybody and their car.

As a full member you will benefit from:

- Triannual subscription to Banzai magazine.
- 30% off entry to Japfest whether you appear on our club stand or another club stand.
- Your own Club Car page with your own domain to show your car to the rest of the community.
- Entry to our monthly giveaways. This month's giveaway is £40 worth of detailing products from Meguiars and Chemical Guys AND 12 months subscription to Banzai Magazine.

Members also receive a welcome pack containing paperwork, membership card, club flyers, club decals and a club lanyard. Full access to our forums and affiliate/trader discounts are also available to club members.

We have got some great prizes set for the future and some brilliant traders on board.

Wether you register for our forums or become a full member we're just putting this out there because we love our cars and want some more people to join us and tell us about theirs.

Again, you can visit us at http://jap.club


(sorry if this is in the wrong place on your forum.)