1. V

    Wish I had a S15

    Hi Live down in Dorset. Had a DC2 and DC5 Integra, great cars, I miss them both! Currently have a BMW Z4 Coupe. Wanted an S15 for years, I see a grey one on my commute to Bmth in the morning every now again and wish it was mine!!!
  2. Mike

    Silverstone F1 2014

    Anyone going this year? We're going up Wednesday morning again for the whole thing! Be good to see some S15oc faces! :thumbs:
  3. Nissan_S15

    Silver S15 with black rims in Poole Tuesday morning!!!

    Hi guys, Was on my way to uni on the number 15 bus at 8.30am on Tueday morning just gone, in Poole, when I spotted a silver S15 with aero kit + spoiler and black rims on the opposite side of the road stuck in traffic. Who was this? Didnt know anyone in the Poole/Bournemouth had an S15 as well...
  4. L

    S15 YAU ----Yellow S15 Spec R

    Hi all Spotted as title states a yellow Spec R this morning, had a kit, aero spoiler, fmic, dmax rears. saw you at the car garage (used to be mole valey) on the outskirts of capel this morning at say 9:15. Looks awesome, who are you lol? Thanks Liam
  5. T

    America's Cwest Widebody S15

    First off I would like to say I feel Privileged to be one of the few owners of an S15 here in the USA. They are near imposible to get your hands on so I consider myself blessed. With that being said within the next year the car will be completely changed in this order Paint Endless BBK Interior...
  6. Jordan

    Well hello there!

    Hi all! Thought I'd introduce myself on here and say hi - had a few issues signing up again thanks to gmail. I was previously registered on here a few years ago but guess my account got deleted in a server migration or something or due to little use. Anyway I'm back, in the market for my first...
  7. V

    What bumper is this?

    Morning ladies! Does anyone know what this bumper is? I want one! :nod:
  8. Mike

    Bride Seat Rails

    Morning, Trying to get hold of a Rail for my Bride low max. Ordered one from Sportseats4u only to get a email this morning to say my order has been cancelled since they have none and will take so long to get any. Anybody know where i could get one? Cheers :thumbs:
  9. mint

    s15 Site Photoshoot @ JAE 09

    Ok lads. For all those going to JAE, Id like to organise this if possible? (Nicely / Team Hope you dont mind? If so let me know) Basically if we can get a list of who's going to JAE this year and which days you will be there, Also when your planning on getting there and leaving. This way, we...
  10. mint

    Folding Mirrors

    Couldnt find anything on it.. Over the last few months i have noticed my driver one has been slower than the pass side. This morning i went to unfold them to find the driver one didnt budge >.<' It was bloody cold outside and i had to push it. This happened to anyone else? Pressuming its...
  11. mint

    Installing Coilovers

    Hey guys, Have any of you fitted coilovers to your own s15? If so how hard is it? Me mate Jay and me will be doing it tomorrow morning and just wondered if there's anything to watch out for bar snapping any OEM bolts >.<' I got the DW Setup, they look ace!
  12. Nicely

    How empty have you let your tank get?

    Its a 65 litre tank and I put 61.1 litres in this morning. Think that's the lowest I've had it :D What about you?
  13. R


    Picture speaks for itself! I think the nails are a good 5cm as the number looks like the kind they screw into the guttering around my area to number houses. Will take it to a tyre shop in the morning to see what they say, I just hope it wasn't setup up by little shits on purpose.
  14. Nicely

    Charge temperatures

    What's the lowest charge temperature yoou've ever had? That's the temperature of the air enterinng the plenum after going through the IC (for those that don't know). Got -5.7 this morning :eek: Averaged -3 to -4.