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    appologies for the silence people

    hello folks i wish to appologise for the silence from me for the last 2-3 weeks as some of you are aware, my mum is seriously ill and without warning things started getting worrying and she was taken to hospital and is still there now, i have been there pretty much day and night every day...
  2. 4

    wedding car anyone?

    i thought it would be nice to take my mate to his wedding in style lol so i gave my mum thetack to decorate silv and heres the outcome :)
  3. D

    batteries for FMIC's

    could someone please measure their battery that they've got when using a FMIC. basically.....obviously height doesn't matter... but width and length and which way the terminals go etc... mates mum works at a place that sells batteries but need to know the size in to make sure it's the right...