1. H

    Jap Meet Basildon white V reg Spec R

    looked nice :nod:
  2. NICKO

    Power FC D-jetro Wiring Guide (S15)

    Ok so as promised far too long ago :rotfl: here is a quick how to guide for wiring in a power FC D-jetro :nod: I hope people understand it as I am not the best at explaining things :no: Here is a look at the pin locations if you cant make them out in the pictures :nod: Hope this...
  3. D

    Another Newbie Here!

    Hi Guys, I signed up on here recently as I've been looking for a nice clean S15 to have as a weekend toy / fair weather car. I've previously had a few 200SX's in the past and have been a member on SXOC for a long time. I got the nod from Torque GT this morning that i'd won an auction on a...
  4. S

    Modified Insurance

    Hello, I insured my S15 with Need to Insure and they covered all modifications and offered track days aswell which was a bonus! They gave me a really good price and know their stuff! Highly recommend them. :nod:
  5. M

    Hello from Germany

    Hi, my Name is Patrik i´m come from Bavaria, Germany. I´m 24 years old and i drive since 2 Years a 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R. :) There are still a number of things to be done :nod:
  6. meddler

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    From all the Admins / Mod's at, We would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas and a great New Year! Hope Santa brings some presents for your S15's (and/or other significant car) :nod: :thumbs: (edit: 3000th post at 12:00am on the 25th Dec 2014. :D )
  7. kimi

    black s15 wolverhampton

    saw a nice black s15 yesterday Sunday 12th October, Tettenhall area Wolverhampton. sounded lovely & smelt nice too :nod: brought back happy s15 memories :D
  8. P

    Hello :)

    Hi guys just bought a spec s :D Have a 350z at the moment so going to slowly convert it to det :nod: All these s15 build threads make me want to get it done as soon as possible. hello to everyone :)
  9. NICKO

    Royal navy max phone number

    Has anyone got max's mobile number ? I need it asap to arrange his clutch delivery :nod: cheers
  10. jinli

    Newbie here

    A member of sxoc but was recently referred here by s15_sam cause I'm mainly after the S15! Hello to you all, I hope I learn a lot from you guys. Let the hunting begin! :nod:
  11. T

    Bride seat material

    Anybody know where to buy bride material that is genuine not china-fake s**t as a retrim is on the cards for the next job :nod: links would be helpful thanks
  12. V

    What bumper is this?

    Morning ladies! Does anyone know what this bumper is? I want one! :nod:
  13. dudley97

    Hi from northern ireland

    just found the forum and it is super i own a 2000 s15 turbo will try to grt pics up many thanks :nod:
  14. R

    WTB: Rear standard suspension

    Need rear stock suspension asap :nod:
  15. Fruitbooter

    This is how an S15 should sound

    Im sure you will agree :nod:
  16. ali619

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody, im the new guy around here, reside from Northern Ireland! I currently drive an EG6 SiR Civic, BUTTTTTT I intend for my next car to be a S15 :nod: hoping to get one in around 2/3 years time so im just on here to kinda built up my knowledge of these great cars!
  17. 7

    HKS EVC V English Manual

    My manual is in Jap :furious: I've searched the net to come up with nothing, by chance has someone got a english .pdf? This would be helpfull :nod:
  18. NICKO

    WTB: Z32 maf

    Im after a Z32 air flow meter and plug for my S15 if anyone has one gimme a shout :nod: cheers guys :wave:
  19. T

    WTB: S15 Instrument Cluster

    Good condition please, postage to Kent. Wiring loom prefered but not essential :nod: