1. L

    grinding noise at 3k

    last few days i have been driving it, i have noticed at 3k i have a grinding noise, if its more or less than 3k the noise isn't there can't see anything wrong, advise to start looking at??
  2. A

    ticking/clicking noise at startup

    When I turn the key sometimes I get a tappy clicky noise from the front of the car for 1-2 seconds while the engine starts, the picture I imagine in my head from the noise is something catching the rad fan blades. 4-5 taps in the 1-2 seconds. I hear this noise could mean starter motor problems...
  3. R

    Loud Whistle and Grinding Noises, Replacement Turbo?

    Hi all! I was driving home the other day and the car suddenly felt sluggish, then I couldn't get any boost at all and could hear an horrendous loud whistling noise anytime I go near the accelerator. The car sounds like its literally screaming at it. Anyway, I knocked it off and then for a good...
  4. L

    Engine dampener

    Had the car up on a ramp on Saturday played around with the mounts could find anything worn split or loose but have a horrid knocking noise when the car goes to stall (hasn't been mapped yet) was thinking adding a engine dampener might help. Thoughts?
  5. cviesins

    Clutch Noise??? PLEASE HELP

    Here is a video of the sound: When I push the clutch pedal in, and release it, there is a "rubbing" noise. When releasing the pedal, it feels very sticky, and is difficult to release smoothly which makes for a jumpy/jerky start. It is an ORC 409 Single Plate Clutch...
  6. C

    Noise from Front Tension Rod

    Hey all, problem solving time: I'm getting a loud clunk noise when driving at any speed, turning, going over bumps or cambered roads. Its the front driver's side tension rod I believe. I have adjustable ones, not sure of brand I took it out tonight and one of the two metal pieces circles here...
  7. NICKO

    Photo's wanted: exhausts

    well the time has come to make the S15 a fair bit quieter due to a house move and I need to see a few pictures of various exhaust to see how they sit and look etc Also I would like some info on the noise levels of different systems, for example idle noise, full throttle, motorway driving etc...
  8. H

    Clutch pedal down = Grinding noise

    Hello Im having this wierd noise coming when I press down my clutch pedal. Recently I changed to a Exedy sports organic clutch and a brand new Koyo release bearing. After some months it started to make some sort of grinding noise when I press down my clutch pedal. I then changed my...
  9. jake

    S15 air con

    So sound like my air con pump is make a loud noise Recently had the engine out of the car and was not making the noise before but since going back in it louder Think it could be the belt is to tight or to loss or the tensioner As the more I rev the louder it gets till about 3000 rpm then...
  10. relentless

    Engine noise through speakers with stereo.

    Hi Guys Having a hard time getting my headunit to work correctly. Short version. Nzdm s15 4 channel amp powering incar speakers Have an older pioneer headunit using the factory wiring loom via an iso connector with an alternate ground which is connected to the shifter plate. Got a friends low...
  11. dave_t

    BM57 (Z32) Master Cylinder Rebuild?

    Last year i upgraded my whole braking system - up front i went with K-Sport 8-Pot 330mm, and at the rear i fitted the Z32 Rear Brake conversion. To make use of the extra braking power, i upgraded the OEM master cylinder, to the Z32 BM57. Now over the last few weeks, i have noticed a...
  12. Packham

    New Spec R Owner From Sheffield

    Hi all, just thought I'd say hello and throw up a pic of my new S15. All seems to be good with the car except, a whirring noise which I think is the throw out baring :o So hello! :wave:
  13. K

    new owner from kelowna, bc, canada

    just picked this bad boy up lookin forward to learning lots here, only one problem with the car so far: today either the tranny or clutch started to make a funny noise. its a grinding or whining noise. happens both when idling or when driving (louder when driving), only time there is no...
  14. spoonman

    Old School Nissan L28 NA running ITB noise Its in a old school Z targa car
  15. crazymat666

    dump valve noise and chatter :S

    so late last year i changed over all my clips on my boost pipes to slurry clips and it has made a dramatic change to how it drives. on idle it isnt as lumpy anymore and just seems smoother while driving.but i have noticed the dump valve dumps and it also chatters when changing gear or letting...
  16. NICKO

    beeping and relay clicking noise???

    Got a small problem with the s15, when I lock the door with the key I get a beeping noise and clicking that sounds like a relay chattering around the fuse box area in the footwell? Any ideas what this could be? There is no alarm on the car because I removed it due to problems with starting the...
  17. S

    exedy HD clutch kit install

    Just yesterday my mechanic installed a exedy heavy duty clutch kit inc lightweight fly wheel, after driving it to my house it starts making clunking noises coming from the gearbox area. Its the noise where you hear when ppl get just married and tie those tin cans underneath the car and it sort...
  18. Silverstreak

    Metallic tapping noise?

    Ok, so I know the SR20 is quite a noisy lump anyway, but mine has developed a rather noisy metallic tapping noise which gets faster with the revs and is most audible when decelerating in low gears. I have just given it it's first proper oil change with Mobil 1 0-40W after running it in for 1000...
  19. driftmonkey

    odd noise coming from engine

    well under load there is a constant noise coming from the turbo area of the engine..... sort of sounds like when you put your lips together and blow but more of a rattle sound lol i have a bullet exhaust LOUD!! and this noise is louder. now the car pulls fine, well appears to as i havent driven...
  20. DeviouS15

    Rattling brake pad pins...

    Hi guys, im just wondering if anyone else here that has the standard spec r front brakes has ever had a problem with the brake pins causing a terrible rattling noise when driving over sudden bumps or drops on the road surface at low speed? I can grab the tops of the brake pads (while the cross...