1. Mycool

    WTB: Wanted, ogura racing clutch

    As title says
  2. Mycool

    Ogura orc racing clutch

    basically ive lost 1st & reverse on my 15.. I was told i had a excedy hyper clutch on the car, took it all apart to find out i'm actually running a ogura racing clutch (which ive been told is alot better than what i originally thought i had? Anyway... Have any of you guys had any...
  3. F

    Ogura Replacement Clutch Failure

    Hi All, I own a S15 Silvia imported from Japan. I bought it with a bad clutch, first it slipped on the high gears then on all the gears. I ordered a new Ogura 409 for the my Silvia. After some hard time replacing the clutch, I managed to fit every thing as it was and went to start up the...
  4. V

    ORC clutch thickness ?

    Dear all , Would like to know what's the lifespan of the Ogura twin plate clutches? I still have 4.5mm on the disk and have been told that there is plenty of life left . Can i know from any users here until what threshold that it needs to be replaced? Thanks a lot and can the same theory...
  5. S

    Changing clutch will affect performance?

    Dear guys, Im wondering will it affect the performance after changing to another brand of clutch kit? Ok, the senario is this. Im currently using HKS twin plate clutch for my s15, and soon i will be changing to OGURA twin plate clutch. The reason why i go for ogura is because my hks twin...