1. Cess

    GT-R coil pack conversion

    I was wondering is anyone running a GT-R coil pack conversion? If so, what was involved, where did you buy your bits and what was the outcome? Contemplating a coil pack conversion, but not sure if it is complete overkill for my current spec (Stage 1A).
  2. A

    FS: Tomei coil pack cover

    £80 Tomei engineering metal & vented coil pack cover.
  3. A

    Urgent help pls!!!!!

    So the earth on the coil pack wire harness came off when I was trying to get to the bolt to undo it. I have a new harness to put in. Can someone please tell me where I can put the earth elsewhere? Can I use either of these? or the bracket on the firewall?
  4. F

    WTB: S15 coilpack

    Looking for one good working coil pack as mines on its way out , thanks
  5. Tommy Kaira

    WTB: Coil pack needed!

    Hi all, Think a coil pack has gone on the S15. The car is running on 3 cylinders when warm. Has anyone got a spare for sale? I'm looking at quite some time before I can get a set of splitfires over from Japan. Help! :cry:
  6. G

    WTB: s15 spec-r coilpack

    hello I'm looking for a coil pack from a s15 spec-r. has someone? Thanks gielie
  7. S

    WTB: Known good coil packs SpecR

    Just been checking stuff over on my car and it looks like I have a coil pack down which is causing my miss fire. does anyone have a good set of know working coil packs from their SpecR? I want to double check that it is the coil pack before buying a new set. cheers
  8. oilman

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  9. S

    WTB: s15 window switch

    Hi guys im after the drivers window switch pack, the whole thing or just the window switch pack. maybe a big ask but thought i would try. spec s and r are the same so if you have one let me know. cheers.
  10. Nickichi

    Coilpack Bolts

    well royally screwed this up:furious: was trying to confirm my sparkplugs so i could get a colder version from the local motor shop over the upcoming weekend now I've carried out the FBU on my car (nicer having a consent 0.9 Bar instead of it surging). Instead i managed to snap off the bolt...
  11. H

    WTB: Coil Pack Please!!!!!

    As title, need a coil pack asap, even better if it's in taff-land and i can pick up!!!!:nod: Thanks......
  12. D

    WTB: Coilpack + coilpack harness

    As above: looking for coil pack (s) - what you got + harness
  13. S

    WTB: Coil Pack

    I am looking for a Type R coild pack please as i believe one of mine is faulty.
  14. S

    WTB: coil pack

    :confused: hey looking for a coil pack if anyone has 1 ? :cool:
  15. TriniGT

    R32 RB26DETT Resistor Pack Location

    Whereabouts is the Resistor Pack located in the R32 harness. I am seeing what looks to be one but it is running back directly to the Fuse box, no where close to the injectors. Does anyone have a pic of it connected to the right harness. I am thinking it may be missing from my harness. Jason.
  16. T

    WTB: Coil Pack

    Well turns out one of my coil pack is gone, so in need for one. or do you guy recommend just get a new one from Nissan? T
  17. S

    Stagea Subframe to pack out rear

    I heard that Stagea rear subframe is bolt on for S15 rear and they can pack out 20-25mm so is it possible?
  18. Y

    WTB: CoilPack wanted

    One Standard coil pack wanted s15 spec R any have one going at a fair price r know where i can get one would be great. Thanks:thumbs:
  19. S

    Who has/is used/using Endless brake pad?

    I just got a set of Endless CC-R. Well I was going to get CC-X but had some better deal however only for front though. I was just wondering if anyone has experience on it. The pack said 0-800 degree but a catalog says 150-800 degree. I hope the pack says right one. I hope it works when I...
  20. D


    this weekend is one of my more expensive weekends.... went out sunday morning to find. both sides of my car had been keyed....... along with the roof, and the bonnet now tells me i'm a "wanker".... to say the least... not best pleased! ?1300 to sort it out.... for what? what has "this" person...