1. paddyb01

    adjust idle

    well guys whats the best way of adjusting the idle Ive read alot of ways of doing it on the net maybe I'm thick but none seam to work for me, my idle sits to high at around 1100 or could there be something else worth trying? paddy
  2. paddyb01

    greddy hotpipe

    need the hotpipe for a greddy intercooler anyone got one for sale or know the best place ta get one? thanks paddy
  3. Topper

    Jono's Gig 17th June 06 - 56k warning....

    Hope you dont mind Jono, thought i'd post up some pictures etc to show these nice folk why we werent upto much on the Sunday :D Ok so the band are called Leatherat, in which Jono plays a very flash looking fiddle :nod:, after arriving at Jono's, having some food, couple of beers and a news, we...