Interior question

    Has anyone ever taken the covers off their seats? Mine are damp/ mouldy and I need to get them off. So far it looks like a ballache!!! All these metal clips look like a pain to get off and on again Help?
  2. S

    evo 5 seats

    Looking at buying some for my 15. Anyone know if they fit? Are they a pain to get in and require welding or fairly simple. Any helps appreciated :)
  3. NICKO

    Part number request for mounts

    Im in need of both left and right double din stereo mounting plates for my S15 to fit my dvd head unit but have had a right pain trying to find them, so ive come to one solution buy them from nissan, so does anyone have the part numbers for both of them, cheers :)
  4. W

    Imports are such a pain when trying top find parts!!!

    Just an interior bulb that lights up the instrument cluster is all I require and me thinking oh this should be very easy to source from Halfords. How wrong was I!!! Been to nearly every automotive place in Preston and not one of them have the bulb I'm looking for!!!! Rang Nissan and the...
  5. S

    WTB: Dial Cluster

    as above, my RPM has started aqcting really odd. jumps about and is being a general pain in the bum. anyone got a spare one ^^
  6. JEZ 8553

    Wisdom Teeth

    Ok, so i had all 4 wisdom teeth out on friday and they are still bleeding (not profusely) and giving a constant long does this normally last ?? Still cant eat most solids as my gums and cheeks have swollen like melons so its too easy to aggrevate and open the sticthes and wounds...
  7. P

    THS F/Pipe And Elbow Question

    Im ordering one of these in the next few weeks and just want to know if they can be fitted with the car on axel stands or do i need to get it on a proper ramp? Also i know they are meant to be a pain to fit so how long should i give myself to fit it?