1. J

    FS: S15 wide vented front wings

    No longer need these, 25mm wider then standard vented. They will need a small repair, will get photos tomorrow. They will need painting too. £150 posted to uk
  2. pegliobaglio

    painting rocker cover

    Hey guys, Been thinking about painting my rocker for a while have a couple of questions first,can you paint it with normal car paint/rattle cans? Or does it need to be powder coated? Just I want to it in a metallic colour and powder coats are mainly solid colours. Also can you use 14/14a covers...
  3. P

    Lucas' S15 Spec-R Silvia

    Hey All, Here is my car: Mods: 17" SSR Koenig WRV Wheels (7" Front, 8" Rear) Fujitsubo Cat-Back Exhaust Eclipse AVN-6000 Head Unit Full Trial Body Kit Coming Soon: Painted Body Kit - should be done this weekend Painting Rocker Cover and Brakes Blue Painting Wheel Centres Black (see image)...
  4. S

    Painter in Essex

    i need my new bumpers painted up, and my car is WK0 white... (you see where this is going :D) i can imagine that the colour match with the slight pearl this paint has can be a pain in the bum. does anyone know a good painter that has had exp painting this colour (or similar) that isnt a...
  5. L

    FS: Pair of S15 front wings

    I have a pair of S15 front wings forsale. No dents and in good condition. £80 the pair or £50 each Martin. They will need painting as they look like this. I only changed them to make it look like this.