1. N

    Nath's Pewter Spec R

    Well after waiting over 3 months since i bought the car, i finally picked it up from Torque GT pn Saturday. 1 owner from new with full japanese service history so was a perfect base car. The car has just over 75,000 miles and only had Nismo suspension & a Nismo gearknob and that's it. As soon...
  2. meddler

    FS: AUS ONLY - Cooling Panels - CLOSED

    Guys, I have been talking to Craig8585 about a few people that have asked to be a part of his GD cooling panels group buy. Link He said that people are put off by the £75 postage price. Now if there are more people interested, then the postage will obviously cheaper. I have looked on...
  3. zero260

    FS: S15 body panels

    In the first week of February I will be removing several body panels from my 1999 pewter coloured S15 Spec-R. Panels available are: Front bumper in excellent condition with just a few minor marks: £110 Both front drivers and passenger side wings in perfect condition (inc. Indicators): SOLD...
  4. S

    Scuff marks

    Is there any way of removing scuff marks off interior panels?
  5. Nicely

    S15 carbon fibre cooling panels

    ?120 plus delivery.
  6. D

    Slam Panels or Cooling plate

    I think there nice and said i would show them to ye. ?185 These stunning carbon fibre panels help improve air flow throuugh your radiator and therefore improve cooling efficiency. The cover the front panel of your Silvia / 200SX and extend all the way to the grille / head lights. Being...