1. S

    Quick one... Does my 1999 s15 need a catalytic converter to pass Mot?

    As above, do I need a cat fitted to pass my next MOT? Cheers.
  2. Mike

    Open Event: Japfest - 12th May 2012

    Right looks like this is going ahead so i'll edit this post with more of the details. Basic show info from the website. Car Clubs Make sure you save plenty of time at Japfest 2012 to wander round the massive and diverse range club cars on display. Last year 97 clubs and over 3000 cars packed...
  3. S

    FS: 2003 honda civic type r if you know someone interested please pass the info on!! i need a silvia back in my life
  4. DeanS15

    FS: 2 x japfest tickets

    won't be needing these as i can't make the show - they're 12.50 each, on the day they are 20.00 each on the gate. :) if you are an sxoc member i will include a club stand pass as that is members only. please let me know asap to ensure whoever needs them gets them before the weekend.
  5. P

    WTB: s15 airbag control module

    hi am looking for to buy a driver side airbag for my s15 or if someone can point me to where i would be able to get 1 as i live in ireland and need it to pass nct test
  6. G

    Fix High Emissions

    I failed at emissions today. The figures were throught the roof. I then removed the cables from the battery and pushed the lambda plug into its socket. It seemed a bit out. I also replaced the plugs with Brpc6es. (not 100% sure hey vwere called exaclty that) I then checked the readings again...
  7. mint

    FS: OEM Spec R seat + pass rail

    Open to offers, ace condition. EDIT - DRIVER RAIL NOT PASS RAIL!!!
  8. mint

    Folding Mirrors

    Couldnt find anything on it.. Over the last few months i have noticed my driver one has been slower than the pass side. This morning i went to unfold them to find the driver one didnt budge >.<' It was bloody cold outside and i had to push it. This happened to anyone else? Pressuming its...
  9. R

    The old "which fuel?" chestnut (yes, again.. sorry! :x )

    I've been doing a lot of reading lately, about which fuel people use, remapping to UK fuel, and preferably only running 97+RON fuels, etc. Before anyone asks, yes I've tried searching! ;) What I'd like to know, is Esso super unleaded any good? I didn't find anything of use by searching for...
  10. mint

    Passanger Lock problem

    Alrighty Folks. Ok when the car got ported over i got Torque to install an Alarm system for me, i got the Cobra system (iirc, I'll double check..) Anyways been working a treat however last week (When it was hella cold) when i went to open the pass door it opened onto the latch and got stuck...
  11. P

    WTB: URGENT: S15 standard rear lights

    anyone wanna sell the standard rear lights to me please? need these ASAP to pass local test as my aftermarkets aren't e-marked apparently...
  12. E

    a new member for the club!

    well.. as much as it seemed strange to me in the past when people did this - now I understand why :) We have a new driver arrived in our family (well passenger)... my wife did the deed and gave me a daughter today (Alice - 8lb 9oz, 20.5" which makes her almost as tall as me)... I'm wondering...