1. C

    What are people's thoughts on this S15 to buy?

    Keeping an eye on things as I'm waiting for my Subaru to sell. What do people think of this? Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R 83,000 miles *Recent Service* | eBay Do they all ride that high standard? Is that the best spec as it's the roller bearing turbo? Thanks, Chris
  2. A

    Michelin Pilot sport 3's PS3 vs Michelin Pilot sport 4's PS4

    Hi All, I have Michelin Pilot sport 3's at the moment which are excellent IMO, they now have PS4's out for 2016. Are they better worse that the PS3's in people's views who have had both? Dont think I need the Super Sports before someone mentions it. Alan

    What paint?

    Basically I'm buying a Spec R on Friday and I hate the paint its got Now I want to paint it straight away, lose the wing and the lights too. Need people's thoughts and ideas on paint! I likes these ...
  4. B

    Tomei expreme titanium exhaust

    Hi I'm just interested to see if any one has got one of these exhausts on there car or has seen/heard one as I'm thinking of getting one and would like people's opinions, thanks
  5. S

    Hey all from Syd, Australia

    Hey guys, and girls. Just signed up so when i get my s15 i can share it with you all. Have not purchased one yet but have been waiting/browsing for over 3 months. As its going to be my daily and will not have time to mod it myself im goin to get one thats modded. Hopefully shortly one will come...
  6. S

    Rota GTR pic request.

    Hi all. I'm currently looking at buying a set of 18" rota gtr's for my pearl White aero, and I can't make my mind up what to go for. Looking at either gunmetal, or flat black (not with the red lip!) Can I have peoples opinions, also has anyone got any pics of a White silvia with these colour...
  7. DeanS15

    a massive thanks to Matt_S

    Just a quick one to say thanks to Matt for dropping me off a spoilerless bootlid yesterday and being a generally decent bloke:thumbs:, it cleaned up a treat, was a really good colour match and i've got it fitted already. and now i commence to shamelessly whore it for peoples approval LOL:).
  8. A

    WTB: S15 Coil packs?

    Hi All, My S15 has developed a missfire when hot, and i can here an electrical buzzing sound at the same time.. Its fine when cold/warm and is only doing it occasionally, so i think one of the coil packs is on its way out. (would value people's opinions if they agree??) Does anyone have any...
  9. A

    ECU remapping with Jez - max SAFE boost??

    Guys, I have read a couple of threads on here, and a lot of people seem to be setting their max boost to 1.2bar.. Just wanted to check peoples opinion's on whether that is safe to run with a stock turbo? My setup: FMIC Induction kit Apexi GT exhaust (now with Apexi ATS - so much quieter...
  10. M

    WV2 (Pewter) S15 photos

    HI! Post here only WV2 (Pewter) color S15. Very interesting how peoples tune they...
  11. Yakozan

    Street cars fest Stockholm, Sweden

    Attended a show this weekend. Alot of stereocars with 1345972458 screens and 328723 speakers which I don't really like, but I managed to find some gems :) Top Secret widebody Supra. This thing was wiiiiiiide. Winner of Peoples choice. 1000hp + Porsche Swedish tank. The fast...
  12. Robbyp

    Defi boost gauge

    Where would be the cheapest place to get a defi bf boost gauge and control unit in ur peoples vast experience. Regards Robby p