1. Joeh

    WTB: Front Wheel Bearing/Hub + Drivers & Passengers Rubber Door Seal

    Hi all, Need items as above - can be collected personally or can arrange collection with a courier. I'm based in London. Thanks Joeh
  2. meddler

    FS: Rear spats

    Not my auction, but I thought someone may be interested. I personally think they want to much for them.
  3. Miss S15

    Which one of these black s15's would you pick?

    As the title says people which of these would you pick? Myself and the other half have been looking for a black s15 for a while and have finally found these. So opinion please people! I'd personally pick 1 r 3 1.
  4. D

    as the last time....

    ..i posted pictures on here, my car was sooo filthy.... off out with a camera and tripod the other night... the results being... Personally, i love the last one! A paramedic car went down the hill just at the right time.....ok, harsh for someone, but the blue does look awesome in...
  5. moomin

    Rotorstock anyone???

    Hi guys! Just wondering if anyone is going to be attending Rotorstock this weekend??? havn't seen much about it on here or sxoc, which strikes me as odd!? personally my favourite show of the year!!! :wave:
  6. D

    Manifold and tubby elbow

    Well lads, I was watching these on ebay not that i need them just was curious to see what the would go for.. They started off at .99p and eventually sold for ?75.. Now in my opinion thats a complete steal. Once they would fit properly is the thing. I wouldn't personally use the the gaskets...