1. J

    WTB: Bonnet

    Oem or aftermarket (nothing too ott) preferably pewter cheers, Jayy
  2. I

    WTB: Wanted S15 Aero spoiler, ideally Pewter Gray.

    Standard Aero S15 spoiler wanted, colour is not a big deal but Pewter grey is preferred. My wanted offer is £170 including delivery and paypal fee's.
  3. S

    WTB: Standard Rear Bumper

    On the hunt for a good condition standard rear bumper. Ideally in Pewter Grey. Let me know what you've got. Thanks.
  4. S

    WTB: S15 Front/Rear bumper & side skirts

    On the hunt for a front bumper, rear bumper & side skirts. Preferably standard but I may be interested in aftermarket. These need to be in Pewter grey. Let me know what you've got, cheers.
  5. D

    Dave Bloomfield's 1999 Silvia S15 Spec R Pewter Areo

    I am now the owner of Darren's S15 Spec R Pewter Aero, I bought it from Lee in late Jan 2014. It replaced this... fast but thirsty and safe... too safe... [/URL][/IMG] However I got it home and began using it for work and at the weekend for fun! Great car love it! :) So the first pictures I...
  6. S

    FS: Dmax carbon bonnet, looking for standard bonnet in pewter grey with cash my way.

    As per the title. I'm looking to px my Dmax style carbon bonnet for a standard bonnet with cash my way. The standard bonnet will need to be in excellent condition and ideally in pewter grey. Follow the links for pictures... I can take more photos on request if you're serious about a deal...
  7. S

    WTB: Standard s15 parts...

    Hi, I'm looking for the following: Standard spec r front bumper (or aero) Standard spec r rear bumper Standard spec r side skirts Aero rear spats Preferably all in pewter grey. Thanks. Also, I'm looking for a standard bonnet also I'm pewter grey. If you have one for sale in good condition...
  8. J

    WTB: pewter bonnet

    Ive had a small incident and am in need of a pewter bonnet, anyone got a spare in the Midlands area? cheers
  9. S

    My Pewter Spec R

    Hi guys, Thought I'd start a thread now my cars arrived, since I've been lurking here for a while. It's a 2000 Pewter Spec R, I've purchased through the auctions. If your an Instagram user, check out @mtsgarage. Pretty stock and unmolested, just what I was after. Some pictures from...
  10. Jaydej

    Who owns this s15

    Pewter with enkei rpf1 who's the owner I want to know who they got them through cheers
  11. M

    FS: S15 Vented carbon bonnet. £150 plus your pewter bonnet

    I have a vented bonnet on my S15 but want a stock one. This could do with a good clean and possibly relacquer or paint. I'm after £150 plus your stock pewter one in good condition. Based in Derby.
  12. Parky

    FS: Pewter S15, 355 bhp for sale (again!)

    Currently off sale, back soon...
  13. Dan H

    Pewter 15 in Shipston

    Saw a nice pewter Silvia going through Shipston past the church tonight. Anybody on here? I haven't seen a 15 here since I sold my one a few years back.
  14. O

    Pewter s15 in brum

    Was doing a turn in at the end of a small road next to a hotel in bham city centre and saw a nice a pewter s15 :) looked well nice had aero front bumper. Number plate was S15 something Was in mine at the time. Never seen another s15 around bham was looking awesome though.
  15. D

    WTB: S15

    Hi guys, New to the forum, I'm in the market for an s15, preferably pewter grey or white. Pm or email me details. Thank you.
  16. Lanyard

    My Daily Beater - Slammed and Wide

    More updates! 2002 Nissan Silvia Spec-R GT Exterior: Pewter Grey Metallic Vertex Ridge: Front bumper with Canards (Removable) 25mm Wide Front Wings (Single Vent) Side skirts Rear bumper Boot spoiler Roof spoiler DMAX Tail lights OEM - HID headlamps in silver (Rare optional extra) WEDS...
  17. justin666

    Slammed Pewter S15, M40 towards oxford Sunday afternoon...

    As per title :) Slammed Pewter S15, M40 towards oxford Sunday afternoon around 1530hrs bouncing and bobbing along the inside line and generally looking badass :). I always see other S15's when im not in mine but I did Wave at ya from the missus's Juke :) lol J.
  18. Lai

    FS: Nismo Ducktail/Duckbill Spoiler in Pewter

    Please find for sale my Nismo Ducktail/Duckbill Spoiler in Pewter. Excellent Condition No dents or scratches Selling as I don't have my 15 anymore Price: £150 Collected (Southampton) Can be delivered at an extra cost Thanks, Lai :) Pics fitted
  19. adzsy

    WTB: Pewter Grey Door handles

    I need the drivers one more really. Thanks
  20. Parky

    WTB: Wanted / Swap: Smooth bootlid without spoiler, Pewter if possible.

    Wanted / Swap: Smooth bootlid, Pewter if possible. + DMax Rear Lights I won't have the car until saturday but just putting a feeler out to see if anyone has a smooth bootlid (no spoiler mount holes) in Pewter for sale, or one they would consider swapping for a boot lid with a Nismo R-Tune...