1. ChrisKnottIns

    Get a quote from Chris Knott and WIN

    Hi, It's great to be able to bring you another prize draw competition and offer you something in addition to the competitive car insurance rates you'll find when you ask Chris Knott to quote for a car we don't yet insure. This one we're calling our Spring Spectacular and any members of this...
  2. Sims77

    FS: Nissan S15 Pewter Grey *Blue Seats* 42k

    Nissan S15 Spec R Pewter Grey *Blue Seats* 46k Its with regret that i have for sale my S15, due to possible circumstances changing within the household i feel its better to be ready for anything. 2000 Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R 46,000 miles Tax 31 August 2014 MOT August 2015 Pewter Grey Service...
  3. Chriscooke

    Heads up - Green light Insurance

    I as I'm sure many of you do have just had the mammoth task of searching for a decent insurance quote for my sx, I guess you guys have it even harder with the cars being imports. I spent most of wednesday of this week on the internet and the phone searching for a good quote but one insurance...
  4. S

    Turbo whine?

    Sorry about the crappy vid. I just made it real quick trying to catch it, the whining sound is very low. If I drive it up to boost, it'll sound fine up until around 4k rpms, then it does a crazy loud whine sound. I don't like making the car do this, but I might do it tomorrow and record it on my...
  5. P

    Pearl White in Arborfield area Monday evening

    I did not see it but my friend was out in his white BMW 130i (which is maxed out with all the factory carbon and boyracer options inc silver go faster stripe), he took a photo to show with his phone to show me, as I have a pearl white Spec R myself. He said it had an FMIC and he could hear the...
  6. S15_SAM

    Dual mass flywheel part number

    Does any one have the part number for the stock flywheel. I haven't figured out Nissan fast yet as I'm on my phone. Thanks
  7. sliding-r

    FS: iPhone 3GS 16gb

    Phone in good enough some small scratches and a small crack to back cover. The phone is locked to o2 currently, easy to unlock £160 Ono delivered recorded Comes with charger.
  8. M

    WTB: looking to buy a windscreen for an s15

    hi everybody. i'm looking to buy a phone number is 07767053092. thanks.
  9. S15AK

    S15OC Summer Meet & Prescott Hill pics

    I can't be borthered cuting and pasting all the links from photobucket so here is the link to the album. Most are just camera phone pics so not the best. Recorded my last run of the day up the hill...
  10. D

    What does a VIN and chassis no read like?

    Hey guys Looking at buying an S15 - wanted to know of an example Engine number and chassis number so I know what they should read like. Currently only going off what sellers are telling me over the phone! Thanks all
  11. S

    funniest phone call :D