1. D

    Hellooo 👍 s15 owner from Wales.

    Picked my s15 up on Friday for a steal of £6700 👌 so far so good, really pleased with it. Previously owned 2 dc5's, 2 ep3's, a rotten S14 with some good bits i picked up for £1500 with a fresh engine rebuild, and then the usual first car ****ters (corsa 1.2, 1.6, 2.0 & nova 1.4sr, 2.0) Looking...
  2. B

    My TV3 Spec r

    Generic post
  3. K

    My New Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R is Awesome :) - UK Oxfordshire

    Hi all, after a few years ago owning a pewter s15 spec S purchased via Torque GT and being so impressed with it bar the speed I ordered a Spec R in may again using the amazing service of Torque GT and I picked it up last weekend. After a week of owning it I absolutely love it and have drove it...
  4. R


    Hello all, have been a 200sx owner since 2005, recently picked up an S15, and decided to join. :wave:
  5. S15AK

    FS: Suzuki Swift 1.5GLX 2007

    Can't afford to run 3 cars anymore so selling the wife's daily. We bought it brand new back in 2007 for just over 10k and I added a few extra's to it, Suzuki body kit (proper plastic kit), spoiler, black alloys and the wife picked the stripes. Its been a good daily and we've put 62k miles on...
  6. Darren_S15

    Darrens New Toy...

    As some of you will know I've started getting into Bikes in recent years and finally got my full license at the end of last year. Having sold my CBR125 last month, I put down a deposit on a Yamaha FZ6N two weeks ago and finally picked her up yesterday. Had a 175 mile ride to get her home...
  7. - 0h -

    S15 Viscous and Helical Diff

    Can anyone here explain to me what are the different on these two diff..? I have tried a search but couldn't really found the answer.. My car is a Spec S with Open diff...and today I have picked up the Viscous diff from Spec R Auto...Is it a good upgrade for Spec S or I shouldn't worry about...
  8. pinky15

    first S chassis

    whats up. Im Aaron and I live in Okinawa Japan. Sold my vip platform and picked up a na auto s15. Im looking into doing some upgrades after I get back from my deployment. So far I picked up some wheels and swapped to 4 lug ( due to the wheels I picked up) yea many say thats dumb but i got a...
  9. S15AK

    Unwanted guest!

    Hi Guys, A strange one, but I seem to have a mouse or something similar camped out in my S15! and the little buggered has helped its self to my golf umbrella’s handle in the boot and has also got into the front and chewed a hole in the back seats! :mad: I think I must of picked up from the...
  10. T

    Hi from Kanagawa, Japan

    Hi, great forum you have here with a lot of useful info. just picked up a S15 spec R for 880,000y at a place near where i live. came with Enkei ES tarmacs, Buddy club coilovers, blitz exhaust, intercooler and filter, unknown body kit (sides are factory), bride reclining bucket and defi meters...
  11. S

    Hello! New from the states!!!!

    Hello Everyone! I'm from Chicago IL. Just wanted to come and say "HI" and whatnot I have a 99 spec s (thats going to be swapped very soon) I love it! This is what it looked like when I first picked it up This is what it looks like now. I have a lot of plans for the car and I cant...
  12. M

    Shout out from Texas, USA

    Just wanted to give a formal introduction. Hope to meet a lot of great people on this forum. S15's are rather rare here in the states so it will be cool to meet some fellow owners. I have a s15, originally n/a, picked it up and fully restored it. Turbo engine, 6 speed, gt28/71r, 264 cams...
  13. S15AK

    TOTB Japanese performance issue

    I’m in Japanese performance mag this month, page 34 if anyone wants a laugh :o They spelt my surname wrong and get a few mistakes in the small write up though. Looks like I was the only one they picked from the Saturday runners, as most of the other guys were running on the Sunday and had...
  14. W

    pic request

    post up pics of your boost controller/TT mount locations.. just picked up greddy units and want to mount them somewhere really clean.
  15. D

    My new S15

    My new S15 *updated 6/05/09* Just got it yesterday as a trade in on my JZX100 Chaser, I wasn't getting any cash offers on it so I ended up having to take a trade in. Had planned on putting it up for sale straight away but I've kind of got attached to it in the last 24 hours since I picked it up...
  16. K

    Kevin's S15

    Picked up my S15 in October last year and it came with a K&N pod and a Jasma-certified exhaust. Since then I haven't spent much on it except some wheels so hopefully this year I'll spend a bit on it, but not too much. Plan is to get bucket seats, some gauges, oil cooler and sway bars this...
  17. E

    Pics of my new beater for Winter... 7cm of snow yesterday!

    With winter coming I decided the Silvia needs to stay inside warm and safe.. Picked up this little toy for driving in the snow... (note: child included for scale purposes :) )
  18. J

    Lonely Photo Evening...

    It was a long and lonely day..everyone was out/busy..then evening came..I couldnt take it any longer! Picked up my car keys, picked up my camera, ask parents if i was allowed to go out (they said yes :D ) and off i went...alone. (not the best photos but still learning. I think next time i go...
  19. sushiming

    Look what I picked up today

    hey guys look what ive picked up today hehe should fit them soon