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Lonely Photo Evening...



It was a long and lonely day..everyone was out/busy..then evening came..I couldnt take it any longer! Picked up my car keys, picked up my camera, ask parents if i was allowed to go out (they said yes :D ) and off i went...alone.

(not the best photos but still learning. I think next time i go out, i've got to work on my aperture settings. hehe. Btw, pics seem a bit blurry. I think its cos i resized it too small? they do look alot clearer in its big version.hehe)

Anyway -

Then i went home..still feeling lonely. I sat down, looked at my fishtank and noticed..i wasnt alone. Flipper was with me all along..my friend..



The third shot is my favorite, the car looks so nice and clean, I wish mine was in that good condition.