1. J

    S14 SR20DET into AUTECH S15 pin outs

    Hi all Got my SR20DET last weekend, full set up, harness, ecu, loom, and all auxiliaries out of a S14. Does anyone know how much the PIN outs will differ from the S14 to S15, sorry if been asked on here before! I'm not friends with electrics! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. M

    F4 pin out and climate control wiring

    I have a 2002 jdm spec r which I've swapped an ls2 into, and my climate control won't come on now. I understand the original f4 plug for the Ecu has other wires going into it such as passenger indicator and wiper motor wiring which I've sorted. But I can't find an accurate pin out for the s15 f4...
  3. NICKO

    ecu pin out help

    im wiring in the power fc D jetro and the wire for the intake temp has to go to a location in the ecu plug that has no pin. my plan is to find the pin for the maf sensor, cut it and leave a length of wire on it then use that pin and solder the intake temp wire to that but here is my problem...
  4. TrevorSpencer

    Nissan emblem

    Does anyone know if the Nissan emblem on the trunk lid has the aligning pins in it? I'd like to remove it for a cleaner look but don't want to do it if there's those pin holes there.
  5. spoonman

    JDM ecu pin out differences

    Im having trouble trying to wire up a fan controller to the factory harness. Has anyone else come across this? On the ADM harness pin 10 is the Cooling Fan Relay HIGH and is Blue/Green (L/G) in colour, problem being that I have a JDM and there is no wire going to hole 10 in the harness. In...
  6. darcyjohan

    SR20DET - Crank angle sensor?

    The story So the other week I was driving to QLD drift matsuri which is about a 5 hour drive from where I live. Almost half way there in the middle of nowhere my car spluttered and then it got more frequent and eventually stalled and wouldn't start again. I didn't have many tools on me but I was...
  7. G

    F4 connector pin out

    has anyone got a pin out of the F4 connector under the dash?
  8. S

    Lights not working

    Hey guys, i currently have no lights in my dash, rear tail lights or my parkers when my car is turned on. I think i have blown a fuse but i am not 100% sure. I was just looking at the pin out diagram of the fuse box but i still aint 100% on which fuse to replace. Can someone please help me out...
  9. B

    circuit diagram question

    hi there, the friend who tried to help me with wiring up my rb26 in my s15 dont have time at the moment and now i have to do it myself. at all its pretty simple wiring the rb26 up into the s15 but i still have a problem. i want to wiring it up that i can still use my oem tachometer...
  10. B

    s15 spec-s pinout

    hi...did anyone have a s15 spec-s pinout? we need to know: PIN 104, 114, 42 anyone know that? thanks
  11. S

    POWER FC Djetro

    guys... anyone out there using powerFC djetro version(map sensor version)?? i have a question here. does anyone know which wire to tap for the air temp sensor? i got the powerFC manual with me..but it is in japanese. basically there is two wires that need to be tap, i know which pin i should...
  12. A


    Where to find ECU pins for S13/14/s15..... what is 33 Pin??