1. LuPix_S15

    Cool Tip for FMIC Piping

    Here's a tip my mate told me about today... Our S15's have those razor like edges on the metal frame parts which most of us have FMIC piping going through. I tried using sticky pads but these were cut apart within weeks and over time, the hot or cold pipe can be cut apart pretty nastily if...
  2. E

    OEM Piping Exhaust Size

    hi.. i have been searching through this forum but i havent found one. so better i post. what is the oem piping exhaust pipe from the converter to the catback? 2.5 or 2.75? :D
  3. C1TPT

    Intercooler Piping

    Hi guys, Does anyone know the size and shape of the intercooler piping you get with the Apex Type 1 FMIC? Cheers
  4. U

    Apexi N1 Exhaust - any experts? (see pics)

    I'm looking at buying one of these setups second hand, just wondering if someone can help me confirm whether it's genuine, and whether it's for the S14 or S15. The one I'm looking at buying: An example of one that I think is for the S15: There are some small differences in piping and...
  5. T

    FS: WTS: ARC Intercooler with piping

    Selling whole set of used ARC intercooler with piping. Condition: 8/10 Specs as below: http://www.arcinter.co.jp/arc/products/intercooler/front/spec/nissan/s15-2.pdf Selling at USD420 plus shipping Payment prefered: paypal
  6. J

    Greddy spec LS fmic VS s15 aero kit - fitment

    Hey guys, would like to ask those of you who have the aero front bars that are running the trust Greddy spec LS FMIC (or any other Greddy spec)... i need to know if the intercooler sits flush so that there is minimal cutting to the bar (where end tanks & piping sits) & natural look is kept, i...
  7. H

    Boost piping/solenoid set up

    Hi, :wave: I have a standard S15 but the boost solenoid isn't connected to the turbo :confused: . It has a pipe running straight from the boost actuator to ic piping. How do i set it up so that the boost solenoid is working again. Thanks for any help! :thumbs:
  8. Y

    hard pipe kit

    Hi guys....I have a question again...i did some searching on the forum but didnt find the exacty answer. A friend of mine is selling a brand new intercooler off an evo 8 for a very cheap price. I dont want to buy it and not be able to get the piping...could someone tell me where I could get a...
  9. Y

    Hks Ssqv

    Hi guys, I have searched but not found a solid answer for this. How does the SSQV actually fit...via rubber pipings or does it have to be welded somewhere. I need to know because I want a BOV but dont have the money for the FMIC with hard pipe kit. So i want to plumb it in on piping temporarily...
  10. D

    ARGH bloody cars! LOL

    Well, sat' day/night i noticed that i was down on boost/power, and that i was gettin REALLY bad economy.... So, this evening consisted of pulling the car apart after trying to pressureise the cooler with a compressor with no sucess..... to discover...... A FAPPING HOLE! :( Kinda good that...
  11. G

    NCT Failure

    well lads, jus did the nct test this evenin (irish version of MOT) an the car failed on 2 small things. first was the parking bulbs, they said they were blue but clearly when you take then out of the housing they cudnt be more white :no:. also they said the flexible brake piping is too loose. do...
  12. P

    Fittings for FMIC piping- what do I need?

    Hi guys :wave: , hope you can shed some light for me, I have pre fabricated piping for my FMIC (alluminium 2 1/2 inch) but there are no fitting ports on it. What do I need seeing as I have a maunual boost controller, will be using the factory BOV for now and there are no other mods except for...
  13. Nicely

    And this weekend...

    I recirced... Took the chance to pop into Merlin Motorsport whilst at Castle Combe track yesterday to buy a load of Samcos and joiners to get the SSQV recirced. :) Bit of a fiddly job, and the piping route didn't go as planned, but turned out OK in the end. No chance to try it till tomorrow...
  14. P

    Finally starting to mod

    Well the time has finally come, I have a very modest budget and so I'm modding on the cheap. I have a Veilside front bar (same as Alberts) which I have prepped myself and just need sprayed, I have a 600x300 FMIC which just needs a piping kit, a Whiteline strut tower brace which arrives on...