1. pegliobaglio

    Compression ratio for Pistons

    Just nailing down the final few parts for my engine build need some advice . i am getting 86.5mm Pistons and am swaying towards a slightly higher compression ratio 9:0:1 is there any solid reason not to go for this? Would I be better sticking to the 8:5:1 ? car will be running around 450 Hp I...
  2. I

    FS: [Brand New] SR20DET CP Pistons 86mm 8.5:1

    Hi, I sell my brand new CP Pistons for a SR20DET, bore 86mm, ratio 8.5:1. Number : SC73241 Theses are strictly OEM size pistons, and ones of the best available. I sell them because I'm currently rebuilding my block, and I ordered them before I opened it... And when I opened it... One sleeve...
  3. D

    FS: Sr20det tomei con rods and acl forged pistons

    hey guys i have a set of forged TOMEI con rods with ARP studs and forged ACL racing pistons, they are used but with less then 1k miles on them and they are like new. if you would like to see some pics they are on the driftworks forum which a helpfull person put up for me,:wack: if you would like...
  4. LuPix_S15

    The Engine Rebuild Thread

    Ok guys, Thought it's time we started some proper discussion on engine rebuilds as mine has hit 100k miles and I'm in the process of sourcing a second high mileage SR20DET so can pull her apart and start work on rebuilding. I'm hoping to get this all done before my current block decides she...
  5. roachey

    FS: SR20DET and parts

    i am selling an sr20det engine. The engine is in need of some work as it has bad compression but through some checking it appears that the rockers and the shims that hold the rockers to the springs were not installed properly by the previous owner!!! The head has been stipped down for veiwing if...
  6. A

    About pistons...

    What about JE pistons: http://www.racetep.com/JE.html ??? compared with CP or Wiseco?