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FS: SR20DET and parts

29 September 2009
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i am selling an sr20det engine. The engine is in need of some work as it has bad compression but through some checking it appears that the rockers and the shims that hold the rockers to the springs were not installed properly by the previous owner!!! The head has been stipped down for veiwing if wanted but unfortunatly three studs in the head are stripped also. I realise this isnt sounding to good but the block had previously been bored out by 1mm and fitted with forged pistons but again showing some wear. This was going to be a project for my s15 and strip/rebuild from bottom up but am going for another idea with this now. This engine is being sold together or split to whomever needs what.

Engine with manifolds (Blacktop) cams show wear.
Forged pistons fitted with 1mm overbore block but shows signs of wear
Head has been skimmed
New timing chain *fitted*
New crank seals *fitted*
Braided oil and 1 water pipe £20
Coilpacks £30
Starter motor £40
Clutch and Flywheel £50
power steering pump £30
Head cover £40
Air con pump £20
SR20DET entire wiring loom £100

i am pricing the bottom with pistons an crankshaft at £200
and the head at £100

if there is any questions i will try and answer but unfortunatly it is collection only