1. UncleDan

    No power to diagnostic port

    Does anyone know what fuses to check or have wiring diagram just for the port?
  2. Barnesy

    Hi all

    Hi guys and gals :wave: I'm Barnesy and I've registered with the forum to get to know you people and start to learn about S15's. I've just won one at auction in Japan via an import company and I'm currently waiting for it to be sent to port and leave Japan on the 20th, so fingers crossed it'll...
  3. J

    Brakes not bleeding after calliper change / messing about

    would appreciate any suggestions So! changed rear caliper on the s15 due to slightly sticky rl one..tried to bleed after no joy couldnt get any pressure to build up in the system then at all, cracked open the pipe for front brakes on the master cyl some fluid gushed with the old man pressing...
  4. xlr8

    FS: rare s15 for sale

    RED s15 for sale This is my brothers s15 silvia.it is in the members rides and specs under 'MIKES s15'.its on the website donedeal.ie also under silvia.Willing to drop car to port for shipping to england etc. http://cars.donedeal.ie/for-sale/cars/995230
  5. mint

    consult port?

    Where is this?? I have just got a Yashio Digital water temp sensor thingy and i need to plug it into the consult port... is it in the fuse box?
  6. LuPix_S15

    Gizzmo Boost Controller - HELP!!

    Howdy folks :wave: Just need the usual S15OC expert advice please lol... Purchased the Gizzmo MS-IBC Boost Controller which arrived yesterday (don't laugh - not paying Profec B prices or having to wait ages for one to arrive and this item's highly recommended by Driftworks who use it in...
  7. C1TPT

    Greddy profec b spec II fitting and tuning??

    Hi guys, Right i've been reading lots and lots of threads on this but the more I read, the more I get confused!!! I fitted the solenoid how I think is correct, and tried tuning it! unfortuantly what ever I do on the boost controller it doesnt really make a difference. If I set them all silly...
  8. T

    diagnostic port

    Hi can anyone please tell me where the diagnostic port is on an s15,im having a bit of trouble at the min and need to get it checked out thanks.
  9. G

    % of stereos robbed enroute

    Hey lads, my S15 is on the way over with a cd player and flip out dvd player. jus wondering what are the odds of these surviving the trip over from japan? a lot of imports i see come over with a big hole where the stereo used to be. they seem to be robbed at the port or en route. gear knobs seem...
  10. P

    Fittings for FMIC piping- what do I need?

    Hi guys :wave: , hope you can shed some light for me, I have pre fabricated piping for my FMIC (alluminium 2 1/2 inch) but there are no fitting ports on it. What do I need seeing as I have a maunual boost controller, will be using the factory BOV for now and there are no other mods except for...