1. D

    4 wheel alignment with HICAS

    Has anyone else got experience of trying to get 4 wheel alignment with hicas system. I took the car to two separate garages at the weekend and was told by one that they couldn't touch it because they didn't have a hunter machine. Garage two did have one but they told me they couldn't do it...
  2. Jaydej

    Hybrid turbo

    Hey all, I've been looking for turbo options and have been told maybe a hybrid turbo would be a good idea, I'm looking for really quick spool abit more power and standard position. has anyone done this? Price, specs or other options please
  3. dave_t

    WTB: s14/s15 Side Mount Seat Rail (Drivers)

    After a drivers side - side-mount seat rail for my S15 (same fitment as S14) It is to fit a Recaro Pole Position so must be wide enough PM me for quickest response
  4. dave_t

    Recaro Pole Position - What Seat Rail?

    Iv'e recently bought a nice Red Recaro Pole Position for the S15 :cool: BUT offering it up to my Side Mount Seat Rail that came in my S15 from Japan, to which a Bride ZETA was fitted, the seat is simply too wide for the rail. Have any of you guys ran a Pole Position? what rail is recommended?
  5. M

    Movement in gearbox?

    I am a noob so probally something really obvious but i can never find what im after with the search button. It only started recently but under harsh acceleration sometimes the whole gear stick moves to the right and stays there and makes it hard to get into 5th when in this position. Randomly it...
  6. P

    wider d-max wings

    hey guys im after the wide d-max style front wings for my car. after having some on order from knight racer since jan and now being told they might not turn up has left me in a very tricky position. Does anyone know where to get these wings or does anyone want to sell me theirs lol. really...
  7. U

    6-Stacker (Spec R) ate a CD - stuck

    My 6-stacker has a CD stuck in position 2. It had trouble ejecting it (couldn't) but then decided that it HAD actually ejected it, so now the CD is stuck in that position and won't come out. I can actually now LOAD a CD in that position, it must somehow go on top of (or under) the one already...
  8. subzero

    rough idle help ? idle position sensor ?

    rough idle help ? idle control valve ? ok, i originally thought i had a prob with the setting on the PFC being too low , so upped that to around 1k revs . when the car heats up, the idle starts fluctuating from 800k to 1.2 . wont hold steady for a couple of seconds. then it levels out and is...
  9. C

    My 2001 S15 Spec R build thread - fun times

    Ok so I decided to start one of these threads. I really never have in the past because all my builds take a long time and i forget to get pics along the way etc etc.. So This time I will actually try and do it each step of the way.. Its going to take a lil more time than normal since the car is...
  10. 1


    Have been seraching for a Walbro GS-341 fuel pump and unfortunately not been successful, only GS-342 is available. The look identical but the position of the socket bracket and the output pipe is directly opposite of the GS-341. This GS-341 GS-342 see the different in position between the...
  11. E

    Position of "S" on bonnet

    Guys, can anyone measure the exact position of the "S" on the bonnet for me. I just finally got mine delivered and am going to install it.. but thought it would be a good idea to know where it goes :) :) Cheers Chris
  12. C

    Best turbo for SR20DET (Street/Track)

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a new turbo. Here are the specs i want met: 1) Little lag (anything BELOW 4000rpm of boost coming on is fine) 2) Won't die up top (Going strong till redline) 3) Not Snappy (almost vertical power on graph) 4) Will fit the stock position on an S15 (manifold...