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    Porsche Panamera brake kit

    Hi All I have an option to purchase a brake kit from a Panemera. 6 pot fronts, 4 pot rears. Few questions though. The original rotors were 360/330 Would you say a 356 rotor would be ok as well? Whats the best place to get brackets made up? Would you recommend changing the brake cylinders...
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    WTB: R33/R34 Rear hub assembly

    Hi Guys, I probably would be better off posting this in a skyline forum, but thought i'd ask just incase! I'm after a rear hub assembly from a r33 or r34, including handbrake cables. Calipers too if possible. Think its time i finally increase my breaking power and swap my single pot rears...
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    Z32 bmc

    What difference does fitting a Z32 BMC actually make? At the moment my brakes are really sharp (K-Sport 8 pot fronts and standard rears) and the brake pedal hardly moves when I apply the brakes. I am fitting the K-Sport rear setup very soon too though, hence this question. Would the Z32 BMC...
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    AH_HUH S15 (Ridge kit and 20")

    It's not mine but this car is hot :D
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    Converting to rear 2 pot brakes

    Hi there, im looking to convert my rear brakes to 2 pot factory mainly because of the drum handbrake for drifting. Was just wondering if the R34 GT-T 2 pots would be suitable with the r34 handbrake cables? Ive read most guys are using the R33 gear. What other bits would i need to convert it. I...
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    FS: Spec R brake kit fits Spec S

    I have S15 turbo 4 pot calipers Stoptech discs grooved . (only on car 6 months) Ats brake pads. (only on car 3 months) Spec s is only 2 pot caliper these are a direct fit! 200euro no offers.
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    cut that out!!!!

    Now that the 18's are on the brakes look very small. so i might up grade the brake have been toying with r33/r34 gtsT front brakes or maybe if i am willing to save the extra cash a set of K-sport 6 pot big disc kit but will fitting either mean i lose the abs?:eek: has anybody fitted the k sports?
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    suspension problem! please help

    dear guys, im having some problem here with my suspension. OK, here is the scenario... when im going into a corner on an uneven(wavy) road(not pot holes) there is some knocking sound from the driver side suspension. There will not be any sound appear when im driving on the straight road even...