1. K

    S15 no power or boost before 4krpm

    Really struggling to find anyone who has had this issue who has posted a solution in the last ten years or so. My car has next to no low end torque or power and boost holds off as the car crawls its way up past 4000rpm then it comes to life on full boost and start hauling ass. I've changed my...
  2. A

    S15 Steering Rack

    Hi everyone, my S15 power steering rack got leak and i cant find any used replacement unit or rebuild seal kit for S15. My question is can i use power steering rack from Silvia S14? Thanks
  3. K

    Finally picking up the S15 after two years

    Yes, that is right. I left her alone sitting for two years. Prior to that i have moved back to my rural town in the central Canada where you can watch you damn dog run away for two weeks. This small town has an "Ok" car scene. The Silvia is parked at my ex's place as we broke up with good...
  4. B

    Mapping Options North East

    Morning Guys, Recommendations on equipment needed for my Silvia s15 sr20det to map and where to get it mapped in and around the Newcastle area. Ta,
  5. G

    power fc identification

    hi all, i have recently imported an s15 and it had a few more goodies on than i was expecting. now it has an apexi power fc on it. it runs a z32 maf but i have also found a denso 3bar map sensor and a fast acting IAT sensor. now what style ecu is it L-jetro or D-jetro?? serial number is...
  6. K

    A few engine questions, wanting to increase power

    Hi Everyone! I'm new here and I'm new to the SR20DET engine! Finally purchased my dream s15 so I'm mega happy! I'm now looking to increase the power of my engine and I have a few questions I'm hoping you all can answer for me, so ill jet get right to them! I'd like to aim for as much HP as...
  7. R

    Power Steering Pump

    So, after much tinkering I've come to the conclusion that my power steering pump has had it and I need a new one. Sadly finding one is another problem, I do no want an eBay Special and I don't really want to use a second hand one if I can help it. Does anyone know where I might be able to...
  8. Surfing Boris

    Power Steering Fluid

    Think I need to change my fluid. When the car is cold turning left or right on near to full lock I get a groaning/ whining from the front of the car that can be felt through the steering wheel. The steering is no heavier then normal and other than that the car drives absolutely fine. I have...
  9. V

    S15 spec S Standalone ECU's

    Hey Everyone, I just wondering is there any plug and play Standalone's for a Spec S sr20de? I know of a s13 N/A Power Fc , but ive never seen anything for the 15? Do apexi make them for the 15? or will a s13 n/a power fc plug in no problem? Any other options on the market? Sorry for all the...
  10. S

    FS: OEM S15 Spec-R ECU

    Item for sale: 2001 Nissan S15 Spec-R SR20DET ECU Description: In good working order. Reason for sale: I'm now running Power FC and have no use for it Price: £100 posted. Thanks, Matt.
  11. E

    Hi from Birmingham

    Hi all I'm Emmanuel I recently bought a s15 relatively fresh to UK soil only being imported last December. It's really clean and pretty stock apart from the wheels and nismo suspension. I plan to improve braking abit, see how she handles on the nismo suspension and get abit more power out of it...
  12. Stew

    Hi all!

    Hello everyone! I recently picked up a totally standard Spec R from a member of the forum and have proceeded to turn it into something straight out of early '00s Japan. The car was 100% original when it came into my possession, only having been in the UK for several months. On closer...
  13. S

    FS: S15 VPR (V Power / Viper / Vapor etc)

    Hi Guys, I fancy a change for my plate so am thinking of selling the current one S15 VPR. Would anyone be interested in it? Think it would be good with the VPR representing V Power with the silvia's only taking this rather than standard unleaded :)
  14. R

    WTB: Power fc wanted

    Hi guys, i know they are hard to come across nowdays but im looking for a power fc for my s15. Just wondering if anyone knows of any knocking around. Can be with or without hand controller. thanks in advance!
  15. NICKO

    Power FC D-jetro Wiring Guide (S15)

    Ok so as promised far too long ago :rotfl: here is a quick how to guide for wiring in a power FC D-jetro :nod: I hope people understand it as I am not the best at explaining things :no: Here is a look at the pin locations if you cant make them out in the pictures :nod: Hope this...
  16. S

    FS: FS: GAEMS Vanguard Black Edition 19" Personal Gaming Environment

    Up for sale is a used GAEMS Vanguard Black Edition. It is the 19" version. I originally purchased this for my deployment and it worked out great. There are some scuffs/Scratches on the case, but the screen is perfect. I don't have the shoulder strap for it, but it comes with the 2 accessory...
  17. Ajbulger

    ecu pin help

    hey guys just a question surrounding an apex power fc d-jetro avcr and the fact my loom seems to be a tad off. when going to plug it all in in theory should be straight in looked to find theres no wire for an ecu ground in the loom based on the diagram i have should be 38 ecu power 39 ecu ground...
  18. L

    WTB: Apexi Power FC D-Jetro with EL commander and all wiring and sensors

    After a Apexi Power FC (D-jetro) with EL hand commander and all wiring and sensors. Thanks Liam
  19. LeddersD

    Got the Bodykit on

    Well it's taken a bit of time till the weather has improved etc. but 7 months later the original 2nd hand JDM aero parts have been prepped and painted and attached. Screwed in at the bottom and taped in the middle. Very happy with the sourcing of the skirts from Mitch, who I met in a car park in...