1. Packham

    Have to floor the throttle to start.

    Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone has any ideas why I have to press the accelerator to start my car? Until I press it it just keeps cranking. Cheers in advance [emoji3]
  2. Burnsy

    Gearbox whine

    hiya. i have used the search button but im still a bit confused as to what is exactly wrong and what i need to do to remedy it! had a slight whine from the box, when pedal is up. now got a bit louder and can just hear it when driving. low gears. so clutch release or input shaft bearing...
  3. K

    car door not locking

    hi guys was wondering if this can be easily fixed or need to get professional but when i press my immobilizer driver side door locks and passenger side doesn't. thanks in advanced for help.
  4. specr

    heater controls not working

    :mad::furious:as above all the display is working but no air coming out at all ... when you press the buttons for the fan nothing at all but the display works any ideas at all lads?
  5. Fruitbooter

    Help with 2 problems

    First one is I think there is a problem with the ABS. The light isnt on when driving and the breaks work fine but when the ABS kicks in it seems like the drivers side wheel is juddering and you can hear a clunking sound? :down: What the hell could this be? I havent had a chance to look under...
  6. B

    squeaky clutch

    Noticed when I press the clutch in and out I can hear a squeaking noise, you can only really hear it when you press it slowly. I think I found out exactly were the noise is coming from, that little pump/hydrologic thing just outside the gearbox ( is this the slave cylinder?) just wondering if...
  7. D

    Front lower ball joints.

    S15 front lower ball joints are the same as S14 ones... for anyone wanting/needing to change the these.... you WILL need to remove the whole bottom arm and use a press! they won't just simply hammer out. It too 4 tones of pressure to remove mine today. Really, should've got some pictures of...
  8. Topper

    Ever seen this?

    Went on a trackday to Knockhill mid October, after the session, i started the car after having left it sitting, it sounded like a tractor. got her home, took off the heatshield over the manifold, to find this - Got another stock mani (cheers Nicely :thumbs:), couple of local SXOC guys...
  9. A

    About OIL Press sensor...

    I have greddy gauge OIL press w/o sensor. So but I have defi sensor from Oil press gauge. Will it work with greddy gauge???