1. JaseYpk

    FAO Anyone about to purchase Tein parts

    Tein have recently ceased production on a lot of parts for the moment, and as a result UK stocks are emptying fast. Production will begin in august, and the normal process will return. How do i know this? There are NO Tein Superstreets for sale in the UK (new), and every dealer i've spoken to...
  2. E

    SR20 Carbon Plug Cover

    Hi Guys, Finally we have the first one come out from the factory! Please click on the picture for a larger view!! The first one is on its way to us to test the fitment (Thanks Rob from SXOC for doing this for us, really appreciate), if everything is fine, we will start mass production in...
  3. S

    aftermarket longshaft

    dear guys, did anyone of you guys ever thought of changing to aftermarket longshaft? i knew Greddy has a aftermarket longshaft which claim to half 50% reduce of weight compare to stock longshaft, but i was told by my friend it is no longer in production. do you think is a wise decision to...